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Old Pennypack Baptist Church. 1688 - 1925.

Beth Eden Baptist Church, Broad & Spruce streets, Philadelphia.

Beth Eden Church, Philadelphia.

Beth-Eden Church, Broad and Spruce, Philad'a.

Broad St. Baptist Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

Baptist Church, 5th & Buttonwood streets. [graphic].

Memorial Baptist Church. N. E. corner Broad & Master sts. Philadelphia, Pa.

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Tioga Baptist Church, Philadelphia, Rev. Rutger Dox, Pastor.

[Fifth Baptist Church]

First Baptist Church, Nicetown, Pa.

Master St. east from 15th.

Spruce between 4th and 5th, south side looking west. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Blockley Baptist Church interior, 525-553 North 53rd Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Blockley Baptist Church interior, 525-553 North 53rd Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Baptist Church, West Philadelphia [graphic].

First Baptist Church of West Phila. Philadelphia.

The Fourth Baptist Church, n.w. corner of Fifth & Buttonwood streets, Philadelphia.

The Roxborough Baptist Church.

Tabernacle Baptist Church, Philadelphia. [graphic].

The First Baptist Church, n.w. corner of Broad and Arch Streets. Philadelphia. [graphic].

[First Baptist Church, Philadelphia] [graphic].

First Baptist Church, Philadelphia.

[Commemorative print] presented by the Roxborough Baptist Sunday School, New Year 1876.

Looking west [sic] from Colosseum. Philadelphia, Pa.

Horticultural Hall.

Dr. Staughtons, or Sansom St. Baptist church. Sansom south side east of Ninth Street, as viewed from the northwest, across the foundation walls of the new hotel on the s.e. corner of Chestnut and Ninth Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.