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ASSU Illustration 6336

ASSU Illustration 9337

Dr. Bensel's old barn, School Lane, rear of Saving Fund.

[Barn, unidentified location] [graphic].

The barn, at Mt. Vernon [graphic].

Old barn on the Hawkskill at Luray, [VA] [graphic].

Barn with locust trees before it [graphic].


E. side of Barn House, 40 [sic] W. Walnut Lane, built 1796 (J. Fredk. Thomas). [graphic].

Old barn of Wyck altered into dwelling, Walnut Lane W. of Main St.

My country residence. [graphic].

[English farm with a pig] [graphic].

"Feeding the chickens." [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

Big walnut tree near Uncle Sam[ue]l's barn, [Olney, PA] [graphic].

On the Wissahickon near the Old Log Cabin

The horrible murder of the Dearing Family.

Grumblethorpe, old barns, 1744. [graphic].

Views of the Wilson family on their estate.

Cliveden 1911 [graphic].