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Young woman standing in bathing suit, Philadelphia.

Two young women standing on dirt path, Philadelphia.

[Group portrait of bathers, Chesapeake Bay.]

Three couples in bathing suits in woodland, Philadelphia.

What the wild waves are saying. Dainty miss, of germs be wary is your towel sanitary? Is it pure, and sweet and fair, like the ocean and the air? Is it soft - yet giving vim - when you rub down from your swim? If it's all this, maid so chary, then it's su

[Beach scene, with boardwalk, New Jersey?]

[Beach scene, with boardwalk, New Jersey?] [graphic].

Parents and daughter in a country setting, Philadelphia.

Outdoor group portrait of men, women, and children, Philadelphia.

[Catharine Rupp Doering, with son Albert, Haddon Heights, N.J.]

[Bathers wading through the water near a pier in Atlantic City, N.J.]

[Crowd standing on the beach looking toward the ocean, Atlantic City, N.J.]

[Group on beach, Cape May, New Jersey]