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Trade price list. Howe's spring beds, cots and berth bottoms. / Howe Spring Bed Co., sole manufacturers. Salesrooms: 15 Charlestown Street, Boston, 173 Canal Street, New York. Factory, 386 & 388 Main Street, Cambridgeport, Mass.

Burger & Co. fine furniture manufacturers, N.W. cor. Eleventh & Market Sts.

[Hale, Kilburn & Co. trade cards]

F.G. Ford's patent support for bed slats (patented April 7th, 1885.) Manufactured and sold by Thos. Devlin & Co., American Street and Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Aromatic Pino-Palmine Mattress. 915 Arch St., 113 N. Front Street, Phila. and 115 Water St., Boston, Mass.

[Julius Sichel trade cards]

Chinese section - Main Building.

Chinese section - Main Building.