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Landsdown valley.

Centennial grounds from Judge's Pavilion.

A noble old oak. [graphic].

Main Building - Northwest.

Lansdowne Valley

Birds-eye view from George's Hill.

Machinery Hall - west end.

Horticultural Hall, Interior.

Macdowell, engraver and printer, 1028 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

Horticultural Hall.

Horticultural Hall, from Grounds

Statue Columbus

Horticultural Hall - S.E. View

American Kindergarten - exterior.

Horticultural Hall from Grounds

Horti: Grounds from Horti: HHorti[cultural]: Grounds from Horti[cultural]: H[all]

Horticultural Hall.

Horti: Grounds from Horti: Building

General view of German section - Main Building.

Birds-eye view from Machinery Hall looking west.

State buildings from Machinery Hall.

Horti: Building - Rustic Gate

Horticultural Hall - for "art and industry".

Brazilian Cotton Exhibit - Agricultural Building

Monitor Turret

Fountain Avenue from Horti: Hall

American Steamship Company's Exhibit - Machinery Hall

The Lake, from Machinery Hall.

General view of state buildings.

Centennial grounds, looking east.

Japanese Section - Main Building.

General view of state buildings.

Main Building - main avenue, from west end.