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Grand musical festival at Engel & Wolf's farm, for the benefit of the regiment "Forward," this day!

Horticultural Hall, Broad and Walnut Street. Amateur Minstrels, Monday evening, March 28th, 1864. : Programme. ... Doors open at 7 P.M. Performance to commence at 7 1/2. Admittance, 25 cents. Reserved seats, 25 cents extra.

Lecture. : "Our glorious country, the United States, foretold in the Holy Scriptures," clearly delinieated, described & located, / by Prof. Strowbridge, chaplain from the United States Army. Proceeds for the sick, wounded and destitute soldiers. The profe

Do not forget to go and hear J.E. Murdoch's great patriotic address! : For the benefit of the sick & wounded soldiers and their families, Thursday eve'ng, Aug. 13 at the Academy of Music!

In aid of the sick and wounded soldiers. : Concert by the Harmonia Musical Society, Musical Fund Hall, Tuesday evening, April 1st, 1862. The Cantata of Ruth, and miscellaneous music will be presented. Tickets fifty cents each.

A promenade concert will be given at the Masonic Hall, : on Thursday evening, May 12th, for the benefit of the Sociers' Union Fair, / by the ladies of the May Flower Association. There will be a table of just such delicacies as will be needed. Rolley's Ba

Carncross & Dixey's Minstrels! Eleventh Street Opera House. : Benefit of Robt. Fraser on Monday eve'g, May 4. Entire new bill.

Eleventh St. Opera House Eleventh Street, above Chestnut. : Carncross and Dixey's Minstrels the star troupe of the world Benefit of E.F. Dixey this Tuesday evening, March 29th, 1864.

This Friday evening, July 24th, 1863 Benefit of the Foster brothers : Go and see the celebrated pantomime of Mother Goose or, The harlequin and golden egg.

A grand promenade concert will be given by Emanuel Lodge, No. 30, A.Y.M., : on Friday evening, May 1st, 1863 at Franklin Hall, Sixth Street, below Arch. For the benefit of the lodge. / Music under the direction of Prof. H. Craig Committee of arrangements:

Grand gala festivals this Saturday, April 18, '63 afternoon and evening : Complimentary benefit to Mr. E.J. White! on which occasion the greatest and most valuable collection of parlor ornaments ever presented in this city, will be gratuitously distribute