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ASSU Illustration 3641

ASSU Illustration 7114

The best wines, liquors, & lager beer, we are selling here = Die besten weine, liquors, ale and lager bier, gind in haben hier.

McCarthy's wake.

Your Own Portrait.

The Toper.

You go in for the largest liberty

Smoker of the filthy weed

The Rum-Cask.

A Swell Head.

Good Advice to Somebody.

The Opposer of Temperance.

You're a sweet looking sailor boy, gallant and bold

When first you came before my eyes

Horrible murder of a husband by his wife.

I'm thinking e'er the day is o'er.


The Mason.

A Hatter.

Leering, drunken, dissipated

Gin and Cigars.

I declare I am

Taking Out the Pledge

Ah! now I

Alas, poor man,

A Careless Driver.

Rules for bummers.

W. Spencer Rowland's Union lager beer saloon, No. 724 Filbert Street, Philadelphia.

Worldly Evils.

Rum Sucker.

The Sponge.

The Literary Man.

A Spiritualist.

A Country Store Keeper

Man Crossed in Love

Now My Jolly Sailor

Hic, Hic, Hic.

Begone, you dirty

Blue Ruin.

The Baker

You drink so

Jolly Jack

To a Snob.

Mrs. Doleful.

You may swagger and blow, but people all know


Although you're a Lieutenant bold.


Agricultural Hall - Nave, Looking North

Always sleeping at your post.