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Birney's Zouave 23d Penna. [R]egiment, : [e]ncamped near Washington. Company N, of the [thir]d battalion recruiting at [No]. 602 Arch Street, and [Fr]ankford Road above Palmer. Mustered and clothed on enrolling their names in the [ce]elbrated regim't.

Recruits wanted! : Co. H, Second Regiment Infantry of the line, Col. Charles P. Dare, to go to Washington for a limited period. Apply at N.E. cor. of Broad and Arch fourth story. Open at all hours. / Wm. Penrose, Capt. Co. H.

Aid in recruiting Grant's army!! : All corporations that have made money during this war must aid in ending it. Give your money and your influence to strengthening the army and we will soon have peace. Come up to the work faithfully; don't wait to be call

Lend your aid to hasten victory! : Those who have made fortunes on the war, should give to help the war! If every man will give his share, we will soon have victory and peace! When you help recruiting, you only do your duty; when you give money, you cance