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[Schuylkill Boat Song sheet music cover illustration]. [graphic].

Strawberry Mansion Bridge postcards.

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. N. [sic] from Lemon Hill.

View on the Schuylkill.

Fairmount Park boats, dam & waterworks postcards.

Schuylkill boat song.

Boat House No. 5.

Fairmount Dam.

[Schuylkill Boat Song sheet music cover illustration]

Fairmount (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Fairmount from the park.

North west from basin

View from wheel house

Fairmount dam

[Looking west from Reservoir Hill at Fairmount Water Works]

Regetta [sic] at Fairmount.

Park Boat House, Fairmount, Phila., Pa.

River scene.

Boat houses, Lemon Hill.

Lincoln Monument, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

[Steamboats on the Schuylkill River, near Boathouse Row, Philadelphia]

Boat House and Lake, Philadelphia, Penn.

Boat landing. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

View from Fairmount, Phila.

Happy days at Fairmount.

[Park Boat House, near Fairmount Waterworks, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Steam boat landing Fairmount.

Boat houses along the Schuylkill.


[Boathouse Row,] Fairmount, Philadelphia.