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ASSU Illustration 9396

ASSU Illustration 7238

ASSU Illustration 312

ASSU Illustration 9398

ASSU Illustration 9397

"Patience." [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

Lore Mountain, from Dinis Road, Killarny [sic], Ireland.

River scene upper east park.

[Ship, England] [graphic]

[Unidentified harbor with schooner] [graphic].

ASSU Illustration 9400

Receiving ship, Antietam, League Island, [Navy Yard, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Schooner and boat on water. Beach front in the distance] [graphic].

Gun deck of "Galina", aft from bridge, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Ships passing each other, England] [graphic].

[Unidentified catboat sailing on water] [graphic].

["Fire Island" ship] [graphic].

[Steamship] [graphic].

[Steamship] [graphic].

[Deck of a ship] [graphic].

[Steamship] [graphic].

[Steamship] [graphic].

U.S. Cruiser [graphic].

Belmont Canal postcards.

Schooner Helen of Gloucester City. Day after our arrival home from Sea Girt [graphic].

The Nahina, Helen & other yachts in the [Quaker City Yacht Club] race, below the Horseshoe [graphic].

Schooner Helen, stern view, opp. Fort Mifflin [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Sloop near Rockland Maine [graphic].

[Ship at sea] [graphic].

U.S.S. Atlanta in Delaware River Constitutional [Centennial] Celebration, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

U.S. Despatch boat "Dolphin" in the Delaware, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

The "Dolphin" in the Delaware, from shore, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Officer on board ship, England] [graphic].

S.S. Shinnecock ready to leave New London, [CT] [graphic].

Market St. Ferry boat, Columbia, [Delaware River] [graphic].

George W. Doher, Smith Id. (Ridgway Park) tug, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Side view. [George W. Dohert, Smith Id. (Ridgway Park) Philadelphia] [graphic].

[View of large ship with sailors on deck, possibly during the Constitution Centennial celebration, 1887] [graphic].

[Boat "Scythian New York" adorned with several flags sailing among several vessels] [graphic].

Schuylkill Bridge High Street Philadelphia [graphic].

[Group on deck of ship] [graphic].

[View of cat boat, possibly at Sea Girt] [graphic].

[View of cat boat, possibly at Sea Girt] [graphic].

[Susquehanna River, Harrisburg, PA] [graphic].

Bark under full sail [graphic].

ASSU Illustration 8003

ASSU Illustration 4157

Specialties in curtains and furniture , Walraven, 1105 Chestnut Street.

[Gunnis, Barritt & Co. trade cards]