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ASSU Illustration 3548

[Young girl leaning on book and chair]

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ASSU Illustration 6910

ASSU Illustration 7073

Twenty five. Merits

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ASSU Illustration 7015

ASSU Illustration 6252

List of blank books, manufactured and offered to the trade by Kiggins, Tooker & Co.

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ASSU Illustration 6454

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ASSU Illustration 3777

ASSU Illustration 2210

The Apostle's Creed.

William Seefeldt, brass and German silver musical instruments, No. 731 Race St., Philad'a.

[Full-length portrait of an unidentified, seated boy] [graphic].

Ghost River : the fall and rise of the Conestoga / story, Lee Francis 4 ; art, Weshoyot Alvitre ; editor, Will Fenton.

ASSU Illustration 6204

Douglass, Margaret.

Soldier's prayer book. For sale here. Price $5 per hundred.

Applegate & Co. Publishers, booksellers & stationers, no. 43 Main Str. Cincinnati. [graphic] : Copying presses and books. Blank books made to any pattern, paged, with or without printed headings. Notes, drafts, letter cap & note papers. Envelopes. Inks, p

[Half-length portrait of an unidentified woman, seated] [graphic].

Stationer & blank book binder, Hymen L. Lipman successor to Samuel M. Stewart. No. 139 Chestnut St. opposite the Philadelphia Bank. Philadelphia.

Thaw, William H., -1889

[Collection of samples of raised-letter line types for printing for the blind.]

Rapson's trimmings and zephyrs, 132 N. Eighth Street, corner of Cherry St.

[Portrait of an unidentifed woman] [graphic]

[Portrait of an unidentifed woman] [graphic]

[B.L. Dai looking at books of the Nashi who inhabit the high mountains between China & Tibet several hundred years ago. Now in The Library of Congress] [graphic].

[Full-length portrait of an unidentified older woman seated in a wheelchair] [graphic].

Connecticut State Building - Interior

The Novel-Reader.

John Weik's (Philadelphia) kochbuecher (cookbooks) [graphic] / Invented & drawn on stone by J. Nissle.

The William Russell Birch Collection [graphic].