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Defend the state! $60 bounty $60 bounty : Headquarters 1st Reg't Infantry, P.H.G. No. 7 State House Row. This regiment is recruiting for 3 months! Under the call of the governor, to defend the state of Penn'a. Commanders of companies will report daily at

Gen'l recruiting office for Second Army Corps : No. 416 Library Street. Head-quarters Philad'a Brigade! 69th, 71st, 72d and 106th regiments. The largest bounties given! $675 to veterans having served nine months or over. And $575 to all others! Volunteers

Stanton Cavalry 19th Penn'a Cavalry! : Avoid the draft! Now is your time to join a first-class cavalry regiment. $112 bounty! $50 cash in hand! Each recruit sent to camp as soon as enlisted. Headquarters, 22 South Fourth St. / Lt. Geo. A. Sharp, recruitin

Volunteers attention. : $525 bounty for one year's service only. $458 cash bounty $458 Largest bounty yet offered. "Rally around the flag boys" and avoid the draft / Call on us at our office, T.W. Wilson & Co. 605 Sansom Street. P.S.----Men paid as soon a

300 recruits wanted immediately for one year's service : The highest local bounty cash in hand. $100 government bounty and three months' pay in advance. / Harris & Co., No. 533 Chestnut Street 3d story.

Citizens' Bounty Fund. : You will facilitate the operations of the committee of citizens having the direction of this fund, by sending the amount of your subscription to me, at the Farmers and Mechanics Bank. / S.A. Mercer, treasurer.

New recruits $675 bounty. : $300 cash on enlistment for new recruits. Government bounty, $400 City bounty, 250 Ward bounty, 25 $675 / 10th U.S. Infantry (riflemen,) stationed at Fort Lafayette, New York Harbor. Term of service, 3 years. Apply at No. 419 W

Any man, whether citizen or soldier, bringing to 419 Walnut St., a new recruit, will receive $15--for a veteran $25.

$350 bounty $350 for one year's service. : Recruits wanted to fill the quota of a township immediately. $250 cash down when mustered in, and $100 government bounty Apply to the recruiting agent, at the Bald Eagle Hotel, 416 N. Third St., Phila

The largest bounties! $602.00 $702.00 Recruits wanted for the Penn'a Volunteers of the gallant Second Corps of Gen. Hancock. : Head-quarters, No. 6 Main Street, Doylestown, Pa. Recruits for this corps receive all the government and county bounties. The go

Draft! Draft! Draft! Attention! Attention! : To all loyal citizens! Will you stand still and be drafted while your country needs your services. Come on and get your bounty. $500 for one year only. Fall in and join Company "C" Philadelphia Guards! Rendezvo

Largest bounties! $650 $750 Recruits wanted for the Penn'a Volunteers of Hancock's gallant Second Corps or any Pennsylvania regiment. : Head-quarters, American and Master Streets. Recruits for this corps receive all government, city & ward bounties. The g

Attention. Recruits wanted! Recruits wanted! Now is your chance! : 20 good men wanted for Co. E. City Guards State, city and Citizens' Bounty secured to all. Come before you are drafted Recruiting office: S.E. cor. Warner St. and Girard Av. above Tenth. /

14th Pennsylvania Light Cavalry! : Last chance for cavalry! Don't wait to be drafted! James M. Schoonmaker, com'g. Wanted, men accustomed to horses! $162 bounty! One months' pay in advance. $100 government bounty, 50 city bounty, 10 extra bounty, 2 premiu

144th 144th Brian Boru United Irish Legion : or 144th Regiment, P.V., of Philadelphia, have been accepted by the Secretary of War and Governor Curtin, to be attached to Gen. Corcoran's brigade. Government and city bounty secured U.S. bounty, $100; city bo

23d Regiment P.V. Col. Thos. H. Neill commanding, late Birney's Zouaves! : Bounty paid immediately as follows: United States premium, $4 00 United States advance bounty, 25 00 City premium, 2 00 City bounty 50 00 Total bounty $81 00 One month's pay in adv

Bounty! Bounty!! Bounty!!! : Avoid the draft and get your bounty! Co. B Capt. A. McI. Robertson, late of the artillery reserve, Army of the Potomac. Roberts' Heavy Artillery.

Ninth Union League! 215th Regiment Penn'a Vols. : Recruits wanted for Company 'D' Head-quarters, National Guard's Hall City and United States bounties: for one year, $500 " two " 700 " three " 900 besides ward bounties extra. Ward committees and all citiz

Board of Trade Rifle Regiment. : 156th Pennsylvania Volunteers. Col. Chas. Ernenwein. $165 bounty cash. $165

Board of Trade Rifle Regiment, 156th Penn'a Volunteers. : Col. Chas. Ernenwien [sic]. Bounty 165 dollars, cash! A few men wanted to fill up Company H. The regiment is now at "Camp Morton," on Islington Lane, opposite Odd Fellows' Cemetery. Men will be clo

Board of Trade Rifle Regiment, 156th Penn'a Volunteers. : Col. Chas. Ernenwein. Bounty 165 dollars, cash! A few men wanted to fill up Company H. The regiment is now at "Camp Morton," on Islington Lane, opposite Odd Fellows' Cemetery. Men will be clothed,

Board of Trade Rifle Regiment! : 156th Reg't, Col. Chas. Ernenwein. Bounty $165! Don't wait for the draft! Avail yourselves of the privileges which only belong to the volunteer! Apply at once! The regiment will go immediately into camp near the city, and

Merchants' Regiment! $176. $176. 146th Regiment Penna. Volunteers! Col. Johnston. : Men wanted for Co. D! Headquarters, 333 Chestnut St. Recruiting station, 57 S. Third St. $163 bounty! Paid to each man as follows: $2 government premium when mustered in,

Recruits wanted for the 28th Penn'a Vet. Vols. : Geary's old regiment, (White Star Division) All bounties guarantied as soon as mustered in. Apply at the regimental recruiting depot, 204 Dock St. / John Flynn, Lieut. Col. 28th Reg., Pa. Veteran Vols. Supt

Head quarters, 157th Regiment, P.V. Philadelphia City Guard! : 527 Chestnut St. Col. William A. Gray. $152 bounty $152 and a gum blanket to each recruit!

Board of Trade Rifle Regiment. 156th Regiment, P.V. : $165 bounty, bounty, $165 Recruits wanted for Co. D Men enlisting in this company, will be immediately mustered and sent to Camp Morton near the city. The tents are boarded, making it more comfortable

Board of Trade Rifle Regim't. 156th Regiment, P.V. : Bounty! Bounty!! Bounty!!! $315 $315 $315 $215 cash in hand. Men wanted for the above fine regiment now in camp at "Camp Morton" Islington Lane, opposite the "Odd-Fellows' Cemetery." The bounty will be

Company E, 157th Regiment Penn'a Volunteers, : Col. Wm. A. Gray, $302 bounty $302 One months pay in advance, and a gum blanket for each recruit, office, No. 929 Market Street. / Theo. Burkhart, Captain, F. Kraus, First Lieut.

Merchants' Regiment! 146th Regiment, Penn'a Volunteers, Col. Johnston. : $171 $171 Men wanted at the recruiting station, 409 Chestnut St. $171 bounty! Paid to each man as follows: $2, government premium, when mustered in; $5, regimental fund; $1, premium

To arms! To arms! Coal Regiment! : 35 dollars bounty! Recruits wanted for 3 months Co. B. $25 bounty to each volunteer, in addition to $10 city bounties--making $35 in all. Alfred Day, Col. commanding. / Capt. Theo. Burkhart. 1st Lieut. [blank] 2d Lieut.

To arms! To arms! Coal Regiment! : 45 dollars bounty! Recruits wanted for 3 months Co. "A." $25 bounty to each volunteer, in addition to $20 city bounties--making $45 in all. Col. Alfred Day, commanding. / Capt. S.M. Heaton. 1st Lieut. John C. Scott. 2d L

To horse! To horse! : $400 bounty $400 Recruits received for all regiments in the field. City and ward bounties! One more chance for the 18th Penn'a Cavalry! Co's "C and H" Office, 106 South Sixth Street. City bounty, $250. Ward bounty, from $25 to $50. /

Draft! Look out for prizes in the wheel of fortune on the fifth of September. : Volunteers, for 1 year's service, will receive, when mustered in, ... $575 Volunteers for 3 years' service, will receive, when mustered in, ... $925 Choice of regiments--caval

Drafted men & substitutes : 152d Regiment, Penn'a Volunteers, 3d Heavy Artillery Col. Herman Segebarth. An excellent opportunity is now offered to persons wishing to join a company in this regiment, now quartered at Camp Ruff, Camden, N.J., and for servic

$315 bounty Philad'a City Guard 157th Regiment, P.V., : Col. William A. Gray. Enlist in Company D Recruits wanted! Government bounty, in advance $25 00 City bounty, in advance, 200 00 One month's pay, in advance, 13 00 Enlistment premium, 2 00 On being mu

Rally 'round the flag, boys! Let the eagle scream! $25 bounty. $25 bounty. : For 100 days' service Cash bounty, "$25" as soon as mustered in. Pay "$16" per month. Recruits wanted for Co. E 20th Regiment P.V.M. Apply at once at the Custom House; 533 Chestn

Recruits wanted! For the state service! : Company M, 20th Regim't, Col. Wm. B. Thomas, commanding. Apply at head-quarters, Custom House. / D.P. Billington, Capt. commanding Co. M,

Recruits wanted for Company H, Philadelphia City Guard, 157th Regiment, P.V., : Col. William A. Gray. $165 bounty, each recruit will receive a gum blanket, and will be uniformed and sent to camp immediately, pay and rations commence from date of muster. $

12th Ward $702 bounty : All recruits accredited to the 12th Ward will be entitled to the following bounties: ... The committee appointed to pay the extra ward bounty of $50 to all recruits accredited to the Twelfth Ward, will be in attendance at F. & L. L

Avoid the draft : The citizens of the 5th Precinct, 14th Ward, are now called upon to contribute money to pay ward bounties to volunteers! To fill her quota. Let every citizen contribute It is his duty. Let it not be said of any one, that his neighbor has

Third Ward Bounty Fund subscription card. : Name, [blank] Address, [blank] Amount, [blank] This card will be called for on Saturday, April 2d.

$650 for substitutes! Veterans and aliens about to volunteer can obtain $650 bounty in addition to government bounty, by applying to the Citizens' Volunteer Substitute Committee! : The money will be paid to the volunteer on the day he is mustered in. For

Subscribers to the 21st Ward Bounty Fund! : Organized, January 22, 1864. A. Campbell, president. Geo. A. Smith, secretary. Fred. Fairthorne, treasurer. ... Having examined the above account and the vouchers connected therewith, we find the same to be corr