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[The Wissahickon]

No. 2 to 3 Market St. Bridge, Oct. 1879. [graphic] / B.R. Evans.

Walnut Lane Bridge postcards.

Park Trolley Bridge postcards.

Hermit Lane Bridge postcards.

Rustic bridge postcards.

[Wissahickon Drive at the Blue Stone Bridge, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

[Wooden bridge walkway, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

[Hartwell Avenue Bridge, Wissahickon Creek, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

Gray's Ferry

Rustic bridge. Fairmount Park. Philadelphia.

Wissahickon Creek at Log Cabin Bridge.

Stone bridge, Wissahickon.

Landsdown rustic bridge.

Landsdown rustic bridge.

Wissahickon Lane.

Wissahickon Lane.

On the Wissahickon.

County bridge, Valley Green.

Falls and Bridge near old Rittenhouse Mansion - Wissahickon

Strawberry Mansion Bridge postcards.

Drive near Sweet Briar Mansion postcards.

Lincoln Drive postcards.

[East River Drive from the Strawberry Mansion Trolley Bridge, Philadelphia.]

[Wooden foot bridge near the old Livezey mill on the Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia.]

Henry Avenue Bridge construction, Philadelphia.

Landsdowne Valley.

Landsdown Valley. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Sweet Brier Lake.

Fairmount Park.

Wissahickon Valley.

[Tugboat south of Girard Avenue Bridge, Schuylkill River]

Looking up Wissahiccon [sic] from Valley Green Bridge, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Valley Green Bridge. Looking up [Wissahickon] Creek, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Pipe Bridge on Wissahiccon [sic], from drive, [Mount Airy, Philadelphia] [graphic].

View of Manayunk (distant) down river from below Flat Rock Dam, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

R[ail]R[oad] bridge. Crescentville from Uncle Samuel's house [graphic].

P.W. and B. R.R. Br.

Seventieth Street Station

Bridges across the Wissahickon.

Woodland Ave.

Frankford Creek at Frankford Ave., looking east [graphic].

Callowhill St. Bridge, Phila.

[Columbia Railroad Bridge, Philadelphia]

Columbia Railroad Bridge

Old Columbia Bridge over the Schuylkill River

Old Columbia Bridge over the Schuylkill River [graphic] / M'Clees stereoscopic photographs.

[Old Columbia Bridge over the Schuylkill River]

[Old Columbia Bridge over the Schuylkill River] [graphic] / M'Clees' stereoscopic photographs.

Girard Ave. Bridge from south side of bridge looking to the city