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[Flowers with butterflies in vase]

If you want a cheap suit of clothing go to Commercial Clothing House, 822 Market St., Phila. Don't forget 822 Market Street.

[Wanamaker's Dining Rooms trade cards]

[Kennedy Bros. trade cards]

Compliments of Cain & Verner, 501 Market St. cor. 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Opening of Spring novelties. Mahlon Bryan & Co., tailors, Nos. 9 & 11 South Eleventh Street, Philadelphia.

Campuzano Bros., Malaga.

Smoke "Virginia" cigars. J.S. Semon, "Virginia Tobacco Store" No. 6 South Eighth St., Philadelphia.

Coughlin & Eldredge, book store, Binghamton, N. Y. 60. 60. 60.

"A token of love from me, to thee" [graphic] / S.M. Douglass.

[James S. Loag trade cards]

ASSU Illustration 9295

[Geo. A. Castor trade cards]

E. McKelvey, fine family groceries, 1118 Columbia Ave.

J. Holly, fine clothing, ready-made and to order, 1312 South St., Phila.

[Household Sewing Machine trade cards]

F. Defoney's oyster saloon, No. 545 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Fried oysters a specialty.

[Wanamaker & Brown trade cards]

[Brownings trade cards]

Kaufman's, 25 N. Eighth St., Philad'a.

[Partridge's cafe and dining rooms trade cards]

[Marks Bros. trade cards]

[Brainerd & Armstrong Co. trade cards]

[I.S. Custer, Son & Co. trade cards]

[E. Burthey trade cards]

[John Mustin trade cards]

[John Wanamaker's Grand Depot trade cards]

[John Wanamaker & Co., 818, 820 & 822 Chestnut Street trade cards]

[Academy of Music trade cards]