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[Flowers with butterflies in vase]

Candy at Hayward's. We sell the very finest qualities of Philadelphia candies, at very low prices. We have the prettiest candy department in this city. 305 and 307 Washington Street.

Opening of Spring novelties. Mahlon Bryan & Co., tailors, Nos. 9 & 11 South Eleventh Street, Philadelphia.

[Wanamaker's Dining Rooms trade cards]

[Kennedy Bros. trade cards]

Campuzano Bros., Malaga.

Smoke "Virginia" cigars. J.S. Semon, "Virginia Tobacco Store" No. 6 South Eighth St., Philadelphia.

Coughlin & Eldredge, book store, Binghamton, N. Y. 60. 60. 60.

If you want a cheap suit of clothing go to Commercial Clothing House, 822 Market St., Phila. Don't forget 822 Market Street.

Compliments of Cain & Verner, 501 Market St. cor. 5th Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

"A token of love from me, to thee" [graphic] / S.M. Douglass.

ASSU Illustration 9295

E. McKelvey, fine family groceries, 1118 Columbia Ave.

[James S. Loag trade cards]

[Household Sewing Machine trade cards]

J. Holly, fine clothing, ready-made and to order, 1312 South St., Phila.

F. Defoney's oyster saloon, No. 545 North Third Street, Philadelphia. Fried oysters a specialty.

[Geo. A. Castor trade cards]

[Marks Bros. trade cards]

[Wanamaker & Brown trade cards]

Kaufman's, 25 N. Eighth St., Philad'a.

[Brownings trade cards]

[Brainerd & Armstrong Co. trade cards]

[Partridge's cafe and dining rooms trade cards]

[John Mustin trade cards]

[I.S. Custer, Son & Co. trade cards]

[E. Burthey trade cards]

[John Wanamaker's Grand Depot trade cards]

John D. Cutter & Co. manufacturers of pure silk threads & fabrics.

[John Wanamaker & Co., 818, 820 & 822 Chestnut Street trade cards]

[Academy of Music trade cards]