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Friend Jane envelope

Friend Susan and Friend Broadbrim envelope

Friend Thomas envelope

North. [graphic].

A slave to Fashion's tyrant laws

A Saucy Jade.

The Verdant Woman.

The Sail or Awning Maker.

Boarding House Landlady.

Miss Sleepy-Head.

The Honest Bar-Keeper

Cold Water Cure for Bleeding Hearts.


To a Merchant.

Saucy Wench.

Rum Seller.

The Almighty Dollar Worshipper.

Untitled [fishing for Valentines]

You dashing, dressy Bar-keeper, for a dandy you would pass

A Man Crying.

No doubt, my dear friend, with your good rifled bore.

A Milliner.

The Listener.

China Merchant.

Love Sick Fellow.

Pugnacious Young Lady.

The Bride.

The Inquisitive Man.

Miss Crinoline.

The Nervous Woman.


To a Gambler.

The Taciturn

Lovesick Man.

Revengeful Lady.

The Milliner.

Leader of the Fashion.

Your True Love.

Hoops and Leader of the Fashion.

Miserly Woman.

You stingy, shrivel'd, wrinkled, close-skin'd skin-flint

The Flirt.

The Heart-Breaker.

You and Your Beau.


Mr. Hare.

The Key to many a tale profound

Amiable Woman.

Emptyheaded and Lazy

A Farmer.