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Park drive, park carriage.

River Road and park carriage, Phila. park.

Vernon Park on Greene St.

Landsdown Drive looking north.

U.S. Mint

Centennial of the U.S. Constitution. 9 mo. 15, 16 + 17, 1887. The Arch at Broad and Chestnut, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Girard House Polka

Broad St. looking N. from Sansom St. on 3rd day of Centennial of our Constitution, showing Arch with coats of arms of states. [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Old house no. 5358 Main St. & view up the street. [Germantown] [graphic].

Girard House

Princeton Presbyterian Church, Phila.

Centennial Exhibition grounds, Philadelphia, 1876.

Post office, Chestnut St., below Fifth. (Instantaneous).

Fourteenth [sic] Presbyterian Church. N. west corner of Schuylkill Seventh and George Sts. Phila.

Girard House, Ninth & Chestnut Sts., Phila, Pa.

Girard House, Ninth & Chestnut Sts., Phila, Pa.

Girard House, Ninth & Chestnut Sts., Phila, Pa.

William D. Rogers & Co. Carriage Manufactory, Philadelphia [graphic] / Eng. by H. B. Hall & Sons, 62 Fulton St., N.Y.

[Joseph Beckhaus carriage factory, 1204 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Broad St. New public buildings.

[J. Willis, shoe manufactory, 241 Arch Street, Philadelphia]

[Wm. D. Rogers' coach manufactory, Sixth and Brown Streets, Philadelphia]

The late theatre in Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia [graphic]: Destroyed by Fire in 1820 / Drawn & Published by W. Birch near Bristol, 1804; Gilbert Fox Aquafortus.

[[The]] Monestary [sic]. Built by Joseph Gorgas bt. 1746 & 1752.

Philadelphia Library. On the northeast corner of Fifth and Library street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Mercantile Library, on the southeast corner of Fifth and Library Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Southside Chestnut St. from Carpenters Court to 4th St., 1809

George's Hill.

Harrison's Row, Locust St. bel. 18th. [graphic].

Deaf and Dumb Asylum

View on the Wissahickon above toll house. [graphic] / Bartlett & Smith, photographers.

View on the Wissihicken [sic] near Philla. [sic]

State House and Independence Hall. [graphic].

[Certificate of the Guardians, Physicans and Surgeons of the] Philadelphia Alms House

Continental Hotel, Philadelphia, J.E. Kingsley & Co., proprietors [envelope]

Richmond Chemical Works near Philadelphia.

Church of Our Lady of Consolation. Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa.

Williams Ogle coach and harness maker, no. 280, Chestnut Street, above 10th.. south side, Philadelphia.

The celebrated Blasius Pianos. Blasius & Sons piano manufacturers.

Church of St. Philip Neri. Philadelphia, Penna.

Citizens Volunteer Hospital Association of Philadelphia. Instituted, September 5th 1862.

Wright, Hunter & Co. S.W. cor. Ninth & Walnut Sts. Philadelphia.

[William Dunlaps' coach manufactory & repository, No. 169 North Fifth Street. Philadelphia]

Brandywine Springs Hotel near Wilmington Del.

To J. Mullin, dr. Coupes and carriages to hire. Stable, 1522 Rundle Street.

Bush's Allegheny House, Market Street, Above Eighth. C. I. Bush, prop'r.

Centennial music.

Ed. Strawbridge in buggy at their house, [Germantown] [graphic].

Broad St. looking South from Sansom St. [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Broad St. looking N. from Sansom St. on 3rd day of Centennial of our Constitution, showing Arch with coats of arms of states. Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Genesta], Fred Strawbridge in buggy, [Germantown] [graphic].

Liberty building, old graveyard & school-house from Jone's roof, [Germantown] [graphic].

Chestnut St. looking E. from top of Wanamakers arch, [Constitutional Centennial Celebration, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Custom House & E. end of State House from 4 & Library Sts. 2nd story. Philadelphia] [graphic].

Custom House & E. end of State House from 4 & Library Sts. 2nd story, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

The London Hotel, N.W. corner 7th & Arch. Soon to be torn down [graphic].

[225th aniversary of Germantown parade, Germantown, Pa.] [graphic].

Necker's Cottage, S. Broad St. near League St. [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Main St. depot from Wister's meadow, [Germantown] [graphic].

Girard Avenue Bridge, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from Tenth to [Ninth], south side.

Corner [Eighth] and Chestnut Street looking west.

St. Paul's German Lutheran Church. N. East, corner of Brown and St. John sts., Phila.

Old State House, Congress Hall and Town Hall, Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia [graphic] / Designed and Published by W. Birch, Enamel Painter.

Pavillion [sic], George's Hill

Corner [Eighth] and Chestnut Street looking west. [graphic].

F. & L. Ladner's Military Hall. No. 532 North Third St. Philadelphia.

Ficken & Williams, steam sugar refiners, Crown, Willow and Fifth streets, Philadelphia.

Dunlaps'[sic] Phoenix Coach Works, corner of Fifth & Buttonwood Streets, Philadelphia.

Assembly Building schottisch

Christ Church Hospital.

St. Francis Xavier's Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

Residence & property of James Holgate, n. w. cor. Lehigh Ave. & Eleventh St. Philadelphia, Pa.

General view of Laurel Hill Cemetery.

[Eighth Street looking south from Arch Street]

Continental Hotel, Philadelphia Pa

Continental Hotel, Philada.

Landsdown [sic] entrance looking south

Market St. looking east from Schuylkill

Arch Street Theatre.

Gen. Washington's Carriage.

St. George Society club house.

[General Washington's carriage at Belmont Mansion, Judge William Peter's residence, West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia]

George W. Watson coach & harness maker. Philadelphia.

Ph. J. Lauber's restaurant, Centennial grounds, near Horticultural Hall.

United States Hotel, Philadelphia

[Academy of Natural Sciences and La Pierre House, north west corner of Broad and Sansom Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

State House, Philadelphia [graphic] / M.P. Simons, 1320 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Landscape and portrait photographer.

[Billheads from J.D. Marshall & Bros., later D. Marshall & Bro., druggists, 1215 Market Street, Philadelphia to E. Somers]

State House. [graphic].

Bingham House Philada. [graphic] / Bartlett & Smith, photographers.

Views at De Silverwood. Near Holmesburg, Pa.

[De la Plaine House], Corner of Germantown Avenue & School Lane [graphic].

Passenger Railroad Relief Association of Philadelphia [certificate]

Atlantic Petroleum Storage Company for refined oil. Empire stores for crude oil.

Abbott & Lawrence. Liberty Stove Works, Brown Street above Fourth St. Philada.

St. Bonifacius Church. Norris Square Philadelphia, Penna.

St. Augustine's Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

Dr. Hoofland's celebrated German bitters and balsamic cordial. Prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, 418 Arch St., Philadelphia.


View of Chestnut Street Philadelphia.

Harrison & Newhall, corner of Race and Crown streets, Philadelphia. Commission merchants and importers Rio coffee, sugars, hides &c. Philadelphia.


[Green's August Flower and Boschee's German Syrup trade cards]

Williams Ogle, coach & harness maker No. 280, Chesnut [sic] Street, above 10th south side, Philadelphia.

Chief Justice Chew's coach, [Manheim Fete] [graphic].

Tally Ho at Manheim Fete [graphic].

Old stable where [Stuart] painted Washington's portrait. On Wister's, Main St. below Bringhurst, [Germantown] [graphic].

715-19 Arch St[reet], Phila[delphia] [graphic].

Market Square Street from library window. Old Church & Harkness House [graphic].

[700 block of Arch Street with fire ruins of Morris building] [graphic].

Old [De la Plaine] house, N.E. cor. School Lane & Main St., [Germantown] [graphic].

Our [Deshler-Morris] house [4782 Main Street] from the other side of Market Sq. [Germantown] [graphic].

[Gen'l Washington's carriage]

Third St., north of Walnut, east side.

La Pierre House.

North Broad St., Phil., PA.

La Pierre House.

La Pierre House, Academy of Natural Sciences, and Union League, Broad St., below Chestnut, Phila[delphia] Pa.

Col. M. Corcoran addressing the crowds in front of the Continental Hotel, Phila., August 21, 1862.

[Chestnut Street, rooftop view east from Odiorne's studio at 920 Chestnut Street] [graphic].

La Pierre House, Academy of Natural Science, and Union League, Broad Street, below Chestnut. [graphic]

La Pierre House Philada. [graphic] / Bartlett & Smith, photographers.

Birdseye view of Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, with the buildings of the International Exhibition 1876

St. Ann's Church Philadelphia, Pa.

American Hotel. Henry A. Charter. Chestnut Street, opposite the State House Philadelphia.

1227 + 1229 Market St., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].

1227 + 1229 Market St., [Philadelphia, PA] [graphic].

Goodyears Rubber-Packing & Belting Company.

Chestnut Street from the State House Philadelphia.

Green's August Flower and Boschee's German Syrup. Portfolio of views in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.

[Uncut proof sheet of vignette views of Philadelphia landmarks]

Goodyears Rubber, Packing & Belting Company.