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[Three children posing with an Enterprise wagon near a tree] [graphic].

Wissahickon Valley.

[X. Bazin, steam fancy soap works and perfumery, 917 Cherry Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Andrew Berryhill (sic)]

[Savery & Co. Phila. iron hollow ware foundry]

Comly Ville near Frankford - Philadelphia Co.

Thomas Sparks shot & bar lead manufacturer. Warehouse no. 121 Walnut St. Philadelphia.

Second Street Market, Second and Pine

Republic Avenue from Mach. Hall.

Merchant's Exchange

Agricultural Hall.

Landsdown Farm.

First Baptist Church, Broad and Arch sts., Philadelphia.

[William P. Cresson's foundry, Willow above Thirteenth Street, Philadelphia]

[F. Brown druggist, storefront] 1822.

Roberts' Mill. [graphic] : "To go back the Church lane," writes Mr. Watson, "there is Roberts' Mill and dam, holding the place, and probably much of the original of the first mill in Philadelphia county" / Photograph by Richards.

[Warnick, Chadwick & Bro. stove factory and iron founders, northeast corner of 2nd & Race streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Second Street Market, Second and Pine [graphic] / M.P. Simons, 1320 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, landscape and portrait photographer.

Joseph Waterman's Western Exchange Hotel, 15th & Market streets. [graphic] / Photograph by McClees 626 Chestnut St. Philada.

Bot. of Frederick Klett & Co., wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, dye-stuffs, paints, black lead and sand crucibles, window glass &c.

First Baptist Church, Broad and Arch sts., Philadelphia. [graphic] / Langenheim.

[William Newell. Store. No. 3 So. Water Street, Philadelphia]

Hoskins, Hieskell & Co. Importers & jobbers of fancy and staple dry goods. No. 213 Market & 34 Commerce St. Philada.

[Geo. H. Vandike & Co., importer of wines & liquors], 630 Market St. Philada.

Northern Liberties' Sugar Refinery.

[Jordan & Brother, wholesale grocers, No. 121 North Third Street, Philadelphia.]

Chas. Blasius & Sons. The largest piano & organ house 1119 Chestnut St. Phila.

Alexander Young, grain distiller, South Street, above Fourth, Phila.

Wright, Hunter & Co. S.W. cor. Ninth & Walnut Sts. Philadelphia.

Dawson's Brewery. N.W. corner of 10th & Filbert Streets.

Wetherill & Brothers white lead manufactory & chemical works, corner of 12th & Cherry streets, Philadelphia.

[J. Hartman's biscuit bakery, No. 90 Penn Street, Philadelphia]

[James S. Mason & Co., 108 North Front Street, challenge blacking, ink &c. manufactory]

[Segment of circular advertising Chas. Blasius & Sons, piano manufacturer, Philadelphia]

[P. Maison's biscuit bakery, 134 N. Front Street, Philadelphia.]

Stern, Jonas & Co. No. 218 North Third Street, Philadelphia.

First Baptist Church, Broad and Arch sts., Philadelphia.

Necker's Cottage, S. Broad St. near League St. [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Monument & Square from our front steps, [Germantown] [graphic].

[Laurel Hill Cemetery, view looking north from ridge, 3822 Ridge Avenue, Philadelphia]

Market St. Bridge.

Joseph J. Cana[v]an morocco factory Philadelphia. [graphic].

[Chestnut Street between Sixth and Seventh streets; construction]