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Our Mother of Sorrows R.C. Church, 48th & Lancaster Ave., Philadelphia.

St. Augustine's Church

St. Veronica's Church, Philadelphia, Penna.

St. John's R.C. Church, Manayunk, Philadelphia.

Holy Trinity (Romish) Church, northwest corner of Spruce and Sixth Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

St. Laurentius R.C. Church, Memphis & Vienna Sts, Philadelphia.

St. Michael's Church.

The Catholic Church of St. Mary, Philadelphia.

St. James Catholic Church West_Philadephia in progress of erection for Rev. J. V. O'Keeffe.

St. Alphonsu's[sic] Church. Philadelphia.

St. John's R.C. Church, Manayunk, Philadelphia.

Church of the Assumption. Spring Garden St. betw. 11th & 12th St. Philadelphia.

St. Vincent de Paul's Church, Germantown, Pa.

Holy Trinity, Sixth and Spruce sts. [graphic] / M.P. Simons, 1320 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Landscape and portrait photographer.

St. James Church. West Philada.

Die Katholische St. Peter's Kirche zu Philadelphia. An der Fünften und Franklin Strasse.

St. Vincent De Paul R.C. Church postcards.

St. John's Church, Philadelphia.

Church of Our Lady of Consolation. Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, Pa.

Riot in Philadelphia July 7, 1844.

Church of St. Charles Borremeo. Twentieth and Christian Streets Philadelphia.

The directory and prefect of the Sodality of St. Joseph's Church, Philada. To all who shall see the present letters greeting in the Lord.

Church of St. Philip Neri. Philadelphia, Penna.

St. John's Church, Philadelphia.

St. John's R.C. Church, Thirteenth St. above Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

St. John's Church, Philadelphia. [graphic] / Lith. of J.T. Bowen.

St. Peter's Catholic Church of Philadelphia. At Fifth and Franklin Streets.

Cathedral of St. Peter & St. Paul, Logan Square Philadelphia Pa.

Church of St. Charles Borremeo. Philadelphia, Pa.

Ruins of St. Augustines Church North 4th Street Phila.

St. Agatha's Church Philadelphia, Penna.

Church of Our Lady of the Visitation, cor. Lehigh Ave. and Leamy St. Philadelphia Pa.

Church of St. Edward the Confessor Philadelphia, Penna.

St. Francis Xavier's Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

Ruins of St. Augustines Church North 4th Street Phila. Destroyed by a mob on the evening of the 8th of May 1844. [graphic] / L.F.

Church of the Assumption, 12th & Spring Garden Sts., Philadelphia.

Interior of St. Malachy's Church, Philadelphia, Pa.

[St. Malachy's Church, 1429 North 11th Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Church of St. Vincent de Paul, Germantown, Phila. Pa.

Interior of St. Mary's Church Philadelphia Penna.

St. Bonifacius Church. Norris Square Philadelphia, Penna.

St. Augustine's Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

Interior of Holy Trinity Church. Philadelphia Penna.

Interior of St. Philip Neri Church. Philadelphia, Penna.

Our Mother of Sorrows, Cathedral Cemetery W. Philadelphia.

St. Ann's Church Philadelphia, Pa.