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"Old Abe", Wisconsin Eagle.

Variation "Old Abe", Wisconsin Eagle

Mammoth Grape Vine in Santa Barbara

Viti's Alabaster Vases - Main Building.

Unidentified ceramic exhibit.

Japanese Bronzes, Main Building.

Log Cabin Furniture

Mammoth Grape Vine in Santa Barbara

Japaneses bronzes - Main Building.

Machinery Hall - South Avenue from West End

Victoria Court, Australian section - Main Building.

Lighthouse [Beacon]- Government Building

The locomotive of "1835".

Main Building, from southwest looking northwest.

Government Building, Main Isle

Group of Deer - U.S. Government Building

Statue - "Love Blinds".

Latonia Barbonica, Floral Hall

Women's Pavilion from Gallery

Machinery Hall - South Avenue looking east.

Agricultural Hall - Nave.

Floral Hall West Passage

The Wolves

Machinery Hall - South Avenue - April 13

Washington's Tent and Camp Outfit

General view of Egyptian section - Main Building.

Machinery Hall - South Avenue from East End

Statue: "Out in the rain".

Machinery Hall - North Avenue from East End

The locomotive of "1875".

U.S. Chemical Dept., Main Building.

Machinery Hall - North Avenue Looking East

Meriden Silver Plate Company's exhibit - Main Building.

Kingsford Starch Exhibit -Agricultural Hall

Porcelain ware, Japanese court.

Statue: "Vanity".

James Green & Nephew's exhibit - Main Building.

Centennial Photographic Company Collection

U.S. Government Building - Transept, looking South.

U.S. Government Building- Main Avenue Looking West

Centennial Photographic Company Collection

The first locomotive.

U.S. Government Building - Main Avenue Looking East

J.F. Tyrell & Co.'s Exhibit - Agricultural Hall

Japanese Vase.

[Rose of the Centennial Exhibition]

[Rose of the Centennial Exhibition]

Machinery Hall - North Avenue - April 1

Transept - Machinery Hall

Log Cabin Studies, 'Spinning'