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Fountain Ave. from Horticultural Hall.

Hunter's Camp.

Tower - Fairmount Park.

Centennial grounds from Judge's Pavilion.

Horticultural Hall.

Lansdowne Valley, Bridge and Entrance

Guns in front of Government Building.

Medical Department Building.

Brewer's Hall.

Lansdowne Valley

Horticultural Hall - southeast view.

King Iron Bridge, Looking North

Horticultural Hall - S.E. view.

Main Building, from east end.

Horticultural Hall.

Brazilian Empire Building.

Canadian cheese factory.

Women's Pavilion.

Main Building - North side.

Centennial grounds, looking east.

Rhododendrons Horticultural Grounds

View from Catholic Fountain

Pandanus Javanicus Variegates

Horticultural Building - Floral Hall - April

Horticultural Hall, from Grounds

Horticultural Building - S.E. Forcing Room.

Horticultural Grounds from W. Promenade

Machinery Hall, from Main Building.

Swedish Schoolhouse.

Variation Agricultural building, from northeast.

Main Building - Transept

Horti: Building Promenade

Horticultural Hall

The Wolves

Women's Pavilion.

State buildings, Massachusetts in foreground.

Pennsylvania Day - instantaneous view.

Centennial opening - the choristers.

Floral Hall - Horticultural Building.

Agricultural Hall.

Horti: Hall from Municipal B.

Spanish Government Building.

Statue Columbus

Centennial opening - the orators.

Horti: Hall - East Front

Elevated railway - Centennial grounds.

Horticultural Hall - S.E. View

Michigan State Building.

Board of Finance Building - south front.

Centennial opening - the choristers.