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[Higgins' German laundry soap trade cards]

Monday. Monday is de wash day, an I neber sulk or mope, becase de close am nice and clean, by using Higgins' soap [graphic].

Tuesday. Yes my heart is light, for de close iron white, and dat is jist what tickles me, for without Higgins' soap, you have'nt any hope, so please to take pattern by me [graphic].

Friday. Use Higgins' soap in de mornin, a washin of de winder, for wif good soap and a merry heart, dar's nothin for to hinder [graphic].

Sunday. Yer looks lubly Ephraim, and it all comes using dat Higgins soap [graphic].

Saturday. Whoa! Dar Sambo! What do yer mean, what makes yer jump and shout? I will wash yer clean with Higgins' soap, and then yer may jump out [graphic].