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ASSU Illustration 3768

[Hen with chickens, Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

ASSU Illustration 6930

[Woman standing with chickens on roof of building at 10th and Ellsworth Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[View of rooftop chicken coop at 10th and Ellsworth Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Summer scene in the country.

"Feeding the chickens." [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

Meadow Farm, Rear View [Darlington, MD] [graphic].

"Come, birdie, come, oh! Come with me." [graphic].

[Elliston Perot Morris Jr. and Marriott Canby Morris Jr. holding birds, Sea Girt] [graphic].

W.H. & S.V. Lines [graphic].

Primary Lessons No. 8

Ole zip coon. Use kitchen and hand, mineral soap [graphic].

The City Store, No. 4 Main Street, Spartanburg, S.C., A. Freisleben, proprietor [graphic].

Merrick Thread Co. "If this was not Merrick's thread I'd get that coon." [graphic].

[Sketchbook during New England summer excursion, July-August 1882]

Is dese' your chickens miss

[Geo. G. Burbank, druggist and apothecary, 235 Main St., Worcester, Mass.]