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[Hannah T. White and baby]

ASSU Illustration 6055

ASSU Illustration 490

[Mrs. William George Spencer holding her baby Warren Otis Spencer on her lap.]

[Portrait of an unidentified young woman in a patterned dress with a child in her lap.]

[African American boy playing soldier] [graphic] / Th. Nast.


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ASSU Illustration 8209

Small child standing on a stone porch, Philadelphia.

Girl and two boys standing on sidewalk in front of two windows, Philadelphia.

Two boys and two girls posing outside brick house, Philadelphia.

Boy and girl standing in front of brownstone house, Philadelphia.

Boy and girl standing in front of window, Philadelphia.

Children's Art Union.

Grandpa's pet.

ASSU Illustration 8366

ASSU Illustration 3936

Boy and girl standing in front of brick house, Philadelphia.

Small child sitting on wooden stoop, Philadelphia.

[Group of children, Southwark, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Group of unidentified children outside of storefront] [graphic].

[Black woman washing young black boy at a dam]

Young child standing in front of brick wall, Philadelphia.

Group of children gathered on steps in front of house, Philadelphia.

Three children in front of a brick wall with two windows, Philadelphia.

Girl with infant on lap sitting on wooden stoop, Philadelphia.

Little girl with a bow in her hair standing in front of a door, Philadelphia.

Small child sitting on marble steps, Philadelphia.

Two girls and a boy standing in front of brick house, Philadelphia.

Small child standing on doorstep, Philadelphia.

[Uncut sheet of four chromolithographs of children and animal scenes]

Boys and girls sitting on a doorstep, Philadelphia.

Group of boys and girls sitting on wooden stoop in front of screen doors, Philadelphia.

Two young children on sidewalk with rocking chair, Philadelphia.

[Baby on chair near Christmas tree in front of window] [graphic].

[Children posed on lawn chairs]

ASSU Illustration 5915

ASSU Illustration 6391

ASSU Illustration 6598

ASSU Illustration 7500

ASSU Illustration 2856

ASSU Illustration 6086

ASSU Illustration 7135

ASSU Illustration 3899

ASSU Illustration 341

ASSU Illustration 5845

ASSU Illustration 6027

[African American toddler and baby in a pile of cotton]

The lips of the wise disperse knowledge. [graphic].

"Wish you'd hush"

[Boy sawing wood], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

[Young child and baby in pram] [graphic].

[Young child holding a ball] [graphic].

[Young child and baby in pram] [graphic].

[Stereo portrait of unidentified young boy, seated on a chair, holding a cabinet card] [graphic].

Three black crows

Joe Michl

Rittenhouse Sq. [graphic].

ASSU Illustration 3344

ASSU Illustration 5132

ASSU Illustration 8270

ASSU Illustration 8674

ASSU Illustration 3366

ASSU Illustration 6125

ASSU Illustration 3575

ASSU Illustration 6605

Two young women and two young children sitting on wooden steps, Philadelphia.

Man holding two small children on steps, Philadelphia.

[Sunday School membership certificate] [graphic].

Grandpa's music lessons.

Boy and girl posing in sailor outfits in front of brick wall, Philadelphia.

While using children's elastic knee protector.

A quaint cute old house on Race St. bet. 2nd and 3rd [graphic].

Drinking fountain, Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia [graphic].

Slave market at Rio de Janeiro [graphic] / Drawn by Aug. Earle ; Engraved by Edw. Finden.

"Deliver us from evil!" [graphic].

The praying child. [graphic].

Young woman standing outside a brick and stone house holding a child, Philadelphia.

Compliments of Henry Baltz, Jr., meat and provisions, S.E. cor. of 18th and Fountain Sts. between Norris and Diamond.

Children sitting on the hood of a car or truck, Philadelphia.

Five children and older woman standing in front of brick building, Philadelphia.

T. Sinclair & Son. Lithographic establishment. Philadelphia.

[Unidentified May Day Celebration] [graphic].

Group of men and children posing on steps of brownstone house, Philadelphia.

Young woman with two children standing in front of brick house, Philadelphia.

T. Sinclair & Son. Lithographic establishment. Philadelphia.

Family record

Atkinson & Bair, manufacturers of fine harness, N.W. cor. 10th and Arch Sts., Philadelphia.

Woman and three children sitting on a wooden stoop, Philadelphia.

Child standing on sidewalk with woman, Philadelphia.

[Unidentified May Day Celebration] [graphic].

[Unidentified building, probably in Germantown] [graphic].

[Man and boy on the lakeshore], Pocono Lake, PA [graphic].

[Boys marching, probably London] [graphic].

Old house, Little Wakefield. Mrs. Carpenter's place. [Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[Boy at a construction site], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

[Portrait of five children at Pocono Lake Preserve] [graphic].

[Portrait of a man, woman, and child] [graphic].

[Woman holding a baby] [graphic].

[Group in a courtyard, probably London] [graphic].

[Two women holding babies] [graphic].

[Woman holding a baby] [graphic].

[Woman holding a baby] [graphic].

[Children outside a cabin], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

[Boy with luggage and model sailboat], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

[Group portrait] [graphic].

Daily Vacational Bible School #63.

Graduating class of June 19[24]. The McMichael School - Phila. PA.

That Precious Baby.

ASSU Illustration 3808

ASSU Illustration 3363

King, Mary, 1826-1839.

Men playing cards on stoop, Philadelphia.

A. Singer, gent's, ladies', misses' and childrens, fine shoes, 104 N. Second St., Philadelphia.

Group of fourteen people sitting and standing in the doorway of a brick house, Philadelphia.

Gaines, Myra Clark, 1805-1885.

[E.H. Worne's lace and embroidery store trade cards]

Court off Ellsworth St. No. side E of 10 St. [graphic].

[Philadelphia residence -- unidentified location] [graphic].

[Unidentified African American girl]

[Unidentified African American boy in sailor suit]

[Unidentified African American boy in sailor suit]

Oatman, Olive Ann.

Beckie and Bessie

Burns, Ella Virginia.

Bits of color. [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

2nd and Brown St. A stevedore, a family. [graphic].

Making sport of the blind boy.

[Group portrait of two young women, a girl, a boy, and a baby] [graphic].

S. D. Sollers & Co. manufacturers of children's fine shoes, Philadelphia

The industrious man

[Group of children with adult male by fence and benches] [graphic].

Woman with two children sitting outside a wooden house, Philadelphia.

[Wood road at Sea Girt, NJ]. View includes a young girl with a baby carriage [graphic].

Wood road at Sea Girt, N.J. [graphic].

Solar Tip Shoes

Cressman's Pharmacy, N.E. cor. York & Fairhill Streets, Philadelphia. Deutsche Apotheke.

Friedberger & Strouse, ribbons, silks, hats, feathers, &c., Nos. 113 and 115 North Eighth, and 733 Arch Street.

Woman and three children standing in front of brick wall and shutters, Philadelphia.

The new Philadelphia clothing house. Mackey, Johnson, Turner & Co., 922 Chestnut Street.

Hester Prynne & Pearl

Children's Wooden Block Puzzle

"Sew on your own buttons, I'm going for a ride."

You cannot blot out...the fact that Louis Heilbron sells the best furniture, carpets, and bedding at most reasonable prices, at the largest furniture house in Reading, Pa. 838-840 Penn Street

[Woman and children outside a cottage, probably England] [graphic].

[Woman and children outside a cottage, probably England] [graphic].

[Boat with four passengers], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

[Children playing in a river], Pocono Lake, [PA] [graphic].

Meadow Farm, Darlington, MD [graphic].