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St. Johns Church, Phila., Pa. The first English Lutheran Church in the world.

Immaculate Conception, R.C. Church, Germantown, Philadelphia.

Immaculate Conception Church chapel and St. Vincent's College, Germantown, Pa.

Church of St. Thomas, 17th & Morris Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Church of the Nativity, Allegheny Ave. & Belgrade St., Philadelphia.

[First Unitarian Church, 2121-2125 Chestnut Street, at northwest corner Van Pelt Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

First Unitarian Church [graphic]

First Unitarian Church, 10th & Locust Sts. [graphic].

First Unitarian Church.

[First Congregational Unitarian Church, northeast corner of 10th and Locust Streets, Philadelphia]

[First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut Street at northwest corner Van Pelt Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Unitarian Church, Van Pelt and Chestnut Sts. [graphic].

St. Thomas' (African) Church.

St. Thomas' (African) Church. [graphic] / Southwest corner of Fifth and Adelphi Street. The Revd. Absalom Jones,(colored) first Rector. Photograph by Richards.