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[Fashion print showing a couple attired in Quaker costume]

Barbara A. Townshind Silhouette Album

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Captain in his war dress [graphic] / Drawn by T.E. Bawdiet (owdich) Esq.

[Portrait of a woman standing in front of a room screen] [graphic].

[Print containing sentimental genre scene and proof vignette bust portraits] [graphic].

Barbara A. Townshind silhouette album [graphic].

[Fold & find 18 changes metamorphic trade card promoting Water Lily Soap] [graphic].


[Views of Saint Domingue] [graphic].

[Man dressed in a clown costume, Manayunk] [graphic].

A rebel Negro armed & on his guard. [graphic] / Bartolozzi sculpt.

Female quadroon [sic] slave of Surinam [graphic] / Perry sculpt.

[Shankland's American fashions]

Shankland's American Fashions for the Spring & Summer of 1853, 100 Chesnut [sic] Street Philadelphia.

[Shankland's American fashions]

Shankland's American fashions for fall & winter. 1851-2. 100 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Shankland's American fashions for the spring & summer of 1851, 100 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Shankland's American fashions for the spring & summer of 1852, 100 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

Hofmeister Woolen Mills, from loom to wearer. Spring 1908. Summer 1908. [graphic].

Master of ceremonies, Frank Shantz.

[Unidentified African American girl]

Shankland's American fashions for the fall & winter of 1854 & 5, 100 Chestnut St. Philadelphia.

William Heaton, rubber goods of every description, 503 Chestnut St., Philad'a.

A luxury fleet featuring newest pullman refinements at low travel cost! Pennsylvania Railroad [graphic] : Broadway Limited (All-Room Train). The General New York-Philadelphia-Chicago. "Spirit of St. Louis" New York-Philadelphia-St. Louis. Liberty Limited

Life in Philadelphia. Fancy Ball. [graphic] / [Clay], fecit.

[Unidentified African American woman]

[Unidentified African American boy in sailor suit]

Gallant capture of a ladys wardrobe by the brave troops of Florida [graphic].

A Surinam planter in his morning dress [graphic] / Blake sculpt.

A mulatto woman of the Gold Coast [graphic] / W. Hutton del. ; J. Clark sculpt.

Le Hottentot [graphic].

Fashions for fall & winter 1856-7 by A. F. Ward no. 125 Chestnut Street Philadelphia

Costume des Quakers

Turquie. J. Chambers, real laces, No. 810 Arch Street, Philadelphia.

Edward Casperson, boot and shoe maker, No. 3647 Woodland Ave. (formerly Darby Road.)

Fashions. Fall & winter. 1852-3, S.A. & A.F. Ward no. 62 Walnut St. Phila.

Views of a wedding ceremony.

S.L. Miller, plain & fancy printer, Waldoboro, Me.

Ask for Bell Bros. Co.'s sheep-lined coats and ulsters. Manufactured by Bell Bro's Co. Dubuque, Ia.

Warburton, "the" hatter, 430 Chestnut Street.

[Universal Fashion Co. trade cards]

Wallace & Sons, manufacturers of the eagle pin, superior to all others in quality and finish.

I. Oakford & Son, hatters, 28 South Eighth Street, Philadelphia.

[Gunnis, Barritt & Co. trade cards]

Compliments of Sichel & Meyer, 50, 52 and 54 N. 8th St., Philadelphia.

[Portrait of an unidentified older man, who is blind, facing slightly right] [graphic].

[Portrait of an unidentified man, missing his right eye, facing slightly right] [graphic].

[Three-quarter length portrait of an unidentified man, standing] [graphic].

[Half-length portrait of an unidentified, seated woman] [graphic].