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Price Homestead, Ladies' Club House, Manheim Grounds postcards.

Philadelphia Cricket Club, St. Martin's, Chestnut Hill.

[[The]] Castle. Built 1812 [sic]. State in Schuylkill fish house below Graysferry. Old fishing club. Founded 1732.

Gentlemen's Club House, Manheim Grounds postcards.

[Boy Scout Headquarters, 22nd and Winter Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.]

Castle of the State in Schuylkill. Built 1732. Present Governor Hon. Willis Martin. Famous for historical Fish House Punch. [graphic].

Penna. fish house.

Manufacturers' Club.

Union League postcards.

St. George's Hall, 19th and Arch Sts.

Old houses on Camac St., Phila. [graphic].

Boat House No. 5.

Fish house of the "State in Schuylkill" [graphic].

The castle of the state in Schuylkill.

[Peace Jubilee, grand viewing stands in front of the Mercantile Club, 1422-26 North Broad Street.]

St. George's Hall. N.W. [sic] 13th & Arch Sts.

Boat houses, Lemon Hill.

[Steamboats on the Schuylkill River, near Boathouse Row, Philadelphia]

Steam boat landing Fairmount.

Boat houses along the Schuylkill.

St. George's Hall.

[Boathouse Row,] Fairmount, Philadelphia.

[Peace Jubilee, Triumphal Arch and Court of Honor, looking northwest from Walnut Street.]

[Peace Jubilee, Triumphal Arch and Court of Honor, looking north from Walnut Street.]

The Game of Philadelphia Buildings Flashcards

The game of Philadelphia buildings