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Zouaves d'Afrique! Col. Collis.

$165 bounty! Recruits wanted for Co. G, Zouaves d'Afrique : Don't wait to be drafted! But volunteer at once. / Apply to Lieut. Joseph T. Lea, Falls of Schuylkill.

Regiment des Zouaves d'Afrique. Recruits wanted : at Schwartz's Hotel des Zouaves d'Afrique cor. 3rd & Gaskill, Philadelpa. Captain E.R. Bowen. 1st Lieut: C.B. Sloan. 2nd " G.J. Schwartz.

Zouaves d'Afrique! Collis' regiment. Recruits wanted : $100 bounty! $25 of which will be paid when the regiment is mustered in and one month's pay and two dollars in advance. As it is intended to make this the superior regiment of the state, none but able

Zouaves d'Afrique, Col. Collis. Recruits wanted. : The splendid uniform of the original Zouaves, now body guard to Major-General Banks, will be worn by the regiment. $100 bounty, one month's pay, and $25 of the bounty in advance. Apply a N.W. cor. 6th and