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[Chestnut St. west of 6th St. with Jayne Building]

Third Street, above Chestnut.

[North side of Columbia Avenue east of 18th Street.]

[Columbia Avenue covered in snow during the Businessmen's Carnival.]

[Unidentified street scene.]

North Broad Street postcards.

Chestnut Street postcards.

Chestnut Street at Strawberry St. about 18[43]

Third Street, above Chestnut.

Old houses, N. side of Locust near 5th St.

W[est] side of Main St. G[erman]t[ow]n from School to Church Lane taken from opposite Saving Fund [graphic].

Post Office.

Post Office.

Post Office.

[Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from Sixth to Seventh, south side.]

National Bank & old houses from there to Armat St. from cor[ner] of Market Sq[uare], [Germantown] [graphic].

Looking up Market St. from Front.

[Walter Graham, wholesale & retail grocer, northwest corner of Market and Sixteenth Streets, Philadelphia]

Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, from Sixth to Seventh, south side.

Fourth Street above Pine Street