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The cook [graphic].

"Maid of Grease" how fat you look.

Liberty Stove Works

Julia Anderson

Goddess of the fries

[Strawbridge & Clothier trade cards]

[John P. Twaddell trade cards]

Nath'l Fisher & Co. school shoe. New York. [graphic].

For the holidays, good dinners, &c., to be had at the Model Coffee House, Chas. Huber, Proprietor. [graphic] No. 48 East Seneca Street, Buffalo, N.Y. Separate room for ladies.

The Cook.

[Picnic on the Wilson Estate]

Gantz, Jones & Co.'s sea foam. [graphic].

Bird's eye view of grounds, from Main Building.

Hungry Continentals paid busy lass a visit. Helping himself to fruit, cried one, "What is it?" This machine which does suck work! Would I were the owner!" "Sir," she said, " It is the Enterprise cherry stoner."

Views of the Wilson family on their estate.

[Sharpless & Sons trade cards]

Jeff. Davis in prison. [graphic].

Jeff. Davis in prison.

Concentrated leaven or bread powders.

Fairbank's rock cordials, positive cure for all lung disorders [graphic].

John Weik's (Philadelphia) kochbuecher (cookbooks) [graphic] / Invented & drawn on stone by J. Nissle.

Outing of Philadelphia politicians at Ed Vare's Fort Pierce, Fla. place

Try King's quick rising buckwheat. It is the best. The cook likes it [graphic].