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Lapsley Family Business Records. 1805-1817 (inclusive).

["It leads them all." The Sunday Item.]

[Van Haagen's Toilet Soap, Benj. Brooke & Co., Manufs., Philadelphia trade cards]

Compliments of Hershey Baking Co., York, Pa.

Our carrier pigeon. Columbus Buggy Co., Columbus.

Correos. America del Sur [graphic].

[Correos. America del Sur] [graphic].

Bank of Columbia Records. 1794-1828 (inclusive).

Gratz-Franks-Simon Papers, 1752-1831 (inclusive).

Oswald Family Papers. 1792-1816 (inclusive).

State Bank of Camden Records. 1812-1837 (inclusive).

Bank of the United States Records, 1790-1842 (inclusive).

David Lewis Papers, 1793-1839 (inclusive).

William Whelan Papers, 1811-1841 (inclusive).

Library Company of Philadelphia scrapbook

Watson & Paul Business Records, 1792-1807.

Civil War Manuscripts, 1854-1868 (inclusive).

Scrapbook of Greeting Cards, Programs, etc.


Binny & Ronaldson Papers, 1805-1822 (inclusive).

[Collection of business correspondence to the College of Pharmacy of the city of New York]