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The coming power. "Swiftsure soap." Compliments of Ecker & Co., Otis & Holman Sts., Phila., Pa.

McKeone, Van Haagen & Co. Manufacturers fine toilet soaps, Philadelphia. [graphic].

Use Eavenson's diamond soap.

"And then, the lover sighing like furnace."

[Medley of Soaps]. Manufactured by McKeone, Van Haagen & Co. Philada. & N. York.

[Van Haagen's Toilet Soap, Benj. Brooke & Co., Manufs., Philadelphia trade cards]

A. Hawley & Co., perfumers and chemists, no. 39 North Fourth Street, above Arch, Philadelphia.

E.R. Smiley, pharmacist, N.W. cor. 12th & Jefferson, Philadelphia.

Bush & Co.'s borax soap company, Philadelphia.

Use ideal quinine and sulphur soap.

Mrs. S. A. Allen's improved hair restorer. Favorite hair dressing. New style in one bottle. Price, one dollar.

Harrison's columbian Hair Dye

[Chas. McKeone & Son Soap Manufacturing Co. trade cards]

[Chas. McKeone & Son Soap Manufacturing Co. trade cards]