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[Lewis?] Mill, foot of Flying Hill

[Unidentified older African American woman on shanty porch]

Miss Pork.

Album [graphic].

Summer scene in the country.

Country Pumbkin.

Country Storekeeper.

Country Bumpkin.

Thou lazy hussy

Country Girl.


There You Are

Thick Finger’d Fumbler

This Valentine to You

To a Barman.

To a Blacksmith.

When age comes on

You looking for

[Scrapbook of original and printed art works]

[Country place of worship] [graphic] / Drawn & lithd. at Kollners Lithy. Philada.

A Country Clown.

Ole zip coon. Use kitchen and hand, mineral soap [graphic].

To a Heavy Dragoon.

The William Russell Birch Collection [graphic].

[Scrapbook with linen pages] [graphic].