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[Portrait of an unidentified couple.]

Before marriage

ASSU Illustration 9397

The delusion.

A little too thin.

Master of ceremonies, Frank Shantz.

Good night.

Lover's Lane, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pa.


Present in many cans of Miles' Baking Powder due bills for handsome book and 2 paintings, in some cans due bill for a watch.

Bliss disturbed! Quarter past one a.m.

[Fashion print showing a couple attired in Quaker costume]

Scene on the Wissahickon

"Mack's milk chocolate." The best! It is pure! Ready for instant use. Boiling water only required.

E.H. Parry, fashionable hatter, S.E. cor. 10th & Market Sts. Phila.

[Illustrated letter seals containing admonitions] [graphic].

Reen & Trump, manufacturers of metal show cards for brewers, etc. 14 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia.

[Van Haagen's Toilet Soap, Benj. Brooke & Co., Manufs., Philadelphia trade cards]

The People's Opera Company.

Choice Bohsemeem, the best and purest spices. Weikel & Smith Spice Co., Philadelphia.

Vacuum Harness Oil, renders everything soft and pliable. For sale here.

[Duesseldorfer "Progress Brand," Indianapolis Brewing Co. trade card]

[Fernberger Bros. trade cards]

[Louis J. Selliez trade cards]

O. B. De Morat, photographer, No. 2 South Eighth St., Philadelphia.

The esthetic drive. 122 North Eighth Street, near Arch, common sense shoemaker, Sylvan Dalsimer, manager.

Associate Presbyterian Mission, Trinidad.

[Group portrait with George and Catherine Rupp Doering in the country]

[Group portrait with George and Catherine Rupp Doering in the country]

Merchant's exchange.

Merchant's exchange.

A "corner in cotton." [graphic].

The Star Show [graphic].

"Does you love me hun?" [graphic].

"Does you love me hun?" [graphic].

Summer scene in the country.

Geo. S. Harris & Sons. Printers & lithographers. Nos. 718, 720, 722, 724 Arch St. Philadelphia.

The lovers quarrel. "Now, Blanche, don't!" [graphic] : Clarence Brooks & Co. varnishes. Clarence Brooks & Co. fine coach, railway & pianoforte varnishes, cor. West & West 12th St. N.Y.

Wm. H. Hoskins, 913 Arch St., Philad'a. Lithographer & engraver. Stationer & blank book manufacturer. Steam power printer.

[Sooy's trade cards]

French etching silk for outlining. Eureka silk. Every spool warranted. The standard silk of the world.

[Portrait of possibly Elliston Perot Morris Jr. and an unidentified man and woman, Pelham Road, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Colored man is no slacker [graphic].

Paul Lee & bride [graphic].

No dinner? [graphic].

F. Pulaski & Co., 1026 Chestnut St.

[John Mustin trade cards]

Life in Philadelphia. Fancy Ball. [graphic] / [Clay], fecit.

Life in Philadelphia. "Dat is bery fine, Mr. Mortimer..." [graphic] / Clay, fecit.

Promenade in Washington Square. [graphic].