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Now I'm Sure


To a Bobby

Behold your coward self from bullets flying.

Ha, ha! don't you think you're brave?

The Brave Volunteer.

The Officer who paid for his commission

You doubtless think that prudence is a virtue

The Brave Volunteer.

You may swagger and blow, but people all know

To a Zouave.

The Military Man.

To a Zouave.

Go it, skedaddler, what a queer sight.

Home Guard.

A Hero Zou-Zou.

The Colonel.

You're a gay Zoovey Zoo, with that big beard of thine

You think yourself both bold and brave, of course

Row away, Red, White, and Blue

In every army, great and small.

Bravest of soldiers in fine weather.

To a Zouave.

One of the Volunteer Militia.

A Recruiting Officer.

How suddenly, dear sir, you stopped your talk of war and glory

Outer-Edge Backward.

Bold Soldier Boy.

To a Volunteer.