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O, could I weave a mystic charm

Before marriage

A little too thin.

Beloved by Everybody.


Take Back Your Heart.

Bank of True Love.

Accept Your Own.

Big Heart but not a Red.

Dost think to win

Present in many cans of Miles' Baking Powder due bills for handsome book and 2 paintings, in some cans due bill for a watch.

Love on a tub.

Kitchen courtship.

Friedberger & Strouse, ribbons, silks, hats, feathers, &c., Nos. 113 and 115 North Eighth, and 733 Arch Street.

Who'll Have Me.


A Nincompoop.

Mr. Disagreeable.

To a Merchant.

The Almighty Dollar Worshipper.

The Toper.

No doubt, my dear friend, with your good rifled bore.

Look Out for the Rope.

A Milliner.

Love Sick Fellow.

The Heart Breaker.

Pugnacious Young Lady.

The Sportsman.

To a Gambler.

A Blacksmith.

A Sheep.

Lovesick Man.

You are my Valentine.

The Milliner.

The Darling Duck.

Oh, why is gentle love


Your True Love.

Dear Madam, I must vainly try.

My friend, I vow that I'm not over nice.


The Turk.

Your Likeness.

Sell your stuffs and laces

The Heart-Breaker.

You and Your Beau.


Mr. Hare.


To a Ship Carpenter.