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Buckman Farm, Middletown Township

Farm Solebury Township

[Real estate development on the outskirts of Reading, Pennsylvania.]

Residential area, Absecon, New Jersey.

Armstrong Cork Company factory plant, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

American Can Company plant, Bridgeton, New Jersey.

[View of farmland near the Schuylkill River near Bridgeport and Norristown, Pennsylvania.]

Norristown State Hospital, Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Aerial views of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania.

[Real estate development near Colonial Lake, Lawrenceville, New Jersey.]

Real estate development, Absecon, New Jersey.

Aerial views of the construction of the Hollywood housing development, Abington Township, Pennsylvania.

Real estate development in Hughes Park, Pennsylvania.

Aerial views of housing developments and residential areas in Audubon, New Jersey.

Real estate development in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Aerial view of Art Colony

Marshall Farm, Abington Township, Pennsylvania

Morrisville Yard, Morrisville, New Jersey. [graphic].

[Carpenter Steel Company, Reading, Pennsylvania.]

Aerial views of real estate and farmlands on the outskirts of Norristown, Pennsylvania.

[Housing development in the vicinity of Castor and Frankfort Avenues, Mayfair, Philadelphia.]