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Andrew Gregg Curtin, 1815?-1894 [graphic].

Grand gathering of patriots! : All friends of Lincoln and Johnson! All gallant veterans who have fought for our glorious Union; all who honor our brave soldiers; all who are determined that the majority shall rule, all who would negotiate an honorable pea

Grand celebration of the organization of the National Union Club of Philadelphia! : The executive committee of the National Union Club having directed the Committee on Meetings to make arrangements for celebrating the anniversary of the organization of th

Union mass meeting! : The friends of the government of the United States, and supporters of the national and state authorities, without regard to party distinction, will assemble in mass convention at Chester! On Thursday, October 8th, in the afternoon an

No party but our country 9th Ward! 9th Ward! : State officers. Governor, Andrew G. Curtin Judge of Supreme Court, Hon. Daniel Agnew Assembly, sixth district, Isaac H. O'Harra City officers. City treasurer, Henry Bumm, city commissioner, Philip Hamilton Re