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You Puppy.

To a Fop

You dashing, dressy Bar-keeper, for a dandy you would pass

Vain Man.

To a Hog.

You and Your Beau.

Dear sir, having

Emptyheaded and Lazy

Poor Addle Headed

The Fop.

Little dandy, don't suppose.

A slave to Fashion's tyrant laws

Hog on Ice

What more would you have, all plaided and stuffed

Scene--any Skating Park.

A Book-Keeper.


The Rake.

Just A Little Flattered

Look Dandy, pray

Group of men

A Holy Show.

You’re a gentleman true

Who foolishly regards himself.

To be out of fashion

What, my chap

Peace, proud puppy! would-be soldier

To a Cavalry Dandy.

To a Barkeeper.

Aint you a pretty pair of bloods, as in the cars you ride

The Exquisite.

Swaggering like some great high-grandee.


Do you think, you ugly man.

 To be out of fashion

Outer-Edge Backward.

A Cavalry Dandy.

A Fancy Soldier.