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A macaroni in a morning dress in the park. [graphic] :

The farmer macaroni. [graphic] : E'en farmers dress & mount their ponies, and all alike are macaronies.

You Puppy.

To a Fop

African American dandy

The Southwark macaroni. [graphic]

The simpling macaroni. [graphic] : Like Soland-goose from frozen zone I wander, on shallow banks grows fat, Sol*****.

You dashing, dressy Bar-keeper, for a dandy you would pass

Vain Man.

To a Hog.

You and Your Beau.

Dear sir, having

Emptyheaded and Lazy

Poor Addle Headed

The Fop.

Little dandy, don't suppose.

Compliments of Ketterlinus Printing House. Philadelphia.

A slave to Fashion's tyrant laws

Hog on Ice

What more would you have, all plaided and stuffed

Scene--any Skating Park.

A Book-Keeper.


The Rake.

Just A Little Flattered

Look Dandy, pray

Group of men

A Holy Show.

You’re a gentleman true

Who foolishly regards himself.

To be out of fashion

What, my chap

Peace, proud puppy! would-be soldier

To a Cavalry Dandy.

To a Barkeeper.

Aint you a pretty pair of bloods, as in the cars you ride

The Exquisite.

Swaggering like some great high-grandee.


Do you think, you ugly man.

 To be out of fashion

Frank Miller's blacking. [graphic].

Outer-Edge Backward.

A Cavalry Dandy.

A Fancy Soldier.

I'se a dude!

Dr. George Stuart's botanical syrup and vegetable pills, the greatest family medicine in the world.

"I say Billy, do you know why I'm doing this? Cause, I'm going to run for Congress soon!" [graphic] /. Potomac.

People's boot and shoe store, 104 Clark Street, corner Washington Street. [graphic]: The return from Europe.

[Manufacturing cigars for the poodles. A sketch from the Havannah.] [graphic] / [As hungry dogs will dirty pudding eat. So poodles suck such nauceous trash for treats.]