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The Wanamaker Store postcards.

Sears postcards.

Wanamaker postcards.

Wanamakers, 5 mo. 1899. Market St. Front.

Strawbridge & Clothier postcards.

Wanamaker's great store, Phila.

Wanamaker's store, Phila.

Gimbels postcards.

Lit Brothers department store postcards.

[First floor plan of John Wanamaker's grand depot, 1887] [graphic].

John Wanamaker's grand depot [graphic].

[Architectural drawing of the front elevation of Strawbridge & Clothier, 8th and Market Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic]

Eighth Street postcards.

Wanamaker's new building operation, Jan[uar]y. 6th, 1909 [graphic]

Elks Convention 1907 postcards.

Elks Convention 1907 postcards.

Strawbridge & Clothier engine room. Mr. Crosby, (the sup[erintenden]t) in foregr[oun]d [graphic].

What makes these children look so queer? Why do they awkward all appear? The reason is, they are arrayed in clothing that is badly made. [graphic] / Awkward no more these boys appear. No longer look these children queer. And do you ask the reason why?-The

Strawbridge & Clothier's engine room. Filbert St. above 8th, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Ninth and Market streets - Philadelphia.

[Strawbridge & Clothier trade cards]

[Christmas display in grand court of John Wanamaker department store, Philadelphia) [graphic].

The brave 3rd U.S. Cavalry. Heroes of El Caney. Peace Jubilee, Phila.

4th Pennsylvania from Porto Rico.

Looking east on Market St. from above 8th St., Philadelphia.