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Grand-stand baseball

Les pilules du Diable.

A Daughter of the D--.

You go in for the largest liberty

Devil of a Woman.

Your True Love.

You may sing psalms with sanctimonious face

[Charity and the Devil trade cards]

She Devil.

Worldly Evils.


She Devil.

The School Mistress.

A Wife for Old Nick.


The End of Old Maids.

A new song suitable to the season, to the tune of good English beer. [graphic]

Writing the Emancipation Proclamation

A peep into the Antifederal Club. [graphic]

Not a drum was heard nor a funeral note as his corpse to the ramparts we hurried -- : Not a loco discharged his farewell shot o'er the ditch where our hero we buried. [graphic] / H. Buchholzer.

Red hot Republicans on the Democratic Gridiron. "The San Domingo war dance." [graphic] / J. Cameron.

[Scraps no. 3 for 1832] [graphic] / Designed engraved & published by D.C. Johnston 19 Water St.

Negroes and religion. Disciplina et regula ordiuis flagellantium [Discipline of the order of flagellants] [graphic]: The Episcopal Church at the South. To the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

[William H. Helfand graphic popular medicine ephemera collection]