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ASSU Illustration 8347

ASSU Illustration 7500

[Julianna Wood, aged 5 years, holding a doll in her right hand and pointing to a page in an open album on a table next to her.]

The sick dolly.

The sick dolly.

Ruclius & Kinlzbach doll manufacturers Philadelphia.

Ruclius & Kinlzbach doll manufacturers Philadelphia. [graphic].

[Emma Louisa Gutekunst as the "Old Lady Who Lived in a Shoe"] [graphic] / F. Gutekunst, Philadelphia.

[Lydia Webster sitting in a highchair with her doll] [graphic].

Compliments of the West End Clothing House, 1634 Market Street, Philadelphia. J. Kuh; prop'r.

Raising colored infant - ry

Old London coffee house, s.w. corner of Market and Front street. [graphic] / Photograph taken Augt. 1858 by James E. McClees.

"It's easy to dye with Diamond Dyes"

The India Rubber and Gutta-Percha Department.

[Wm. F. Simes & Son trade cards]

Use Dannemiller's Cordova coffee, in 1 pound papers, because it's the best [graphic].

Kendall M'f'g. Co. Providence. R.I. French laundry soap [graphic].

Fairbank's rock cordials, positive cure for all lung disorders [graphic].

[Partridge & Richardson trade cards]

[Partridge & Richardson trade cards]

True blue [graphic].