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[John Horn, drugs and chemical store, N.E. corner of Third & Brown Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by W. H. Rease, 17 1/2 S. 5th. St.

[Robert Shoemaker's wholesale & retail drugstore, corner of Second and Green Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on stone by Wm. H. Rease, No. 17 1/2 So. 5th. St.

[Wm. W. Clark, drug & chemical warehouse, 16 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / Drawn on Stone by W. H. Rease, 17 So. 5th St.

Geo. W. Ridgway, successor to Saml. P. Griffitts, Jr. Drugs [and] chemicals, N.W. corner of 9th and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Ritter Cotterell & Ritter wholesale drug & chemical warehouse. Paints, oils, glass & dye stuffs. 132 North Third Street, corner of Branch Street, Philadelphia] [graphic] / M. S. Weaver, del.

John C. Baker & Co. wholesale dealers & importers of drugs, medicines, chemicals, paints & dye stuffs, No. 100, North Third St. Philadelphia. [graphic] / On stone by W. H. Rease No. 17 So. 5th St.

[J. & J. Reakirt, wholesale druggists and importers of drugs, chemicals, paints, dye-stuffs, &c. &c. S.E. cor. of Third & Callowhill Sts., Philada.] [graphic] / M. S. Weaver, del.