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ASSU Illustration 75

ASSU Illustration 3392

ASSU Illustration 1576

[Duck pond with swans, Fairmount Park] [graphic].

[Ducks at an unidentified farm, Long Island, New York.]

[Charles E. Hires Company trade cards]

Burdsall's ladies' and gents' ice cream, oyster and dining parlor, N.E. corner Thirteenth and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia.

J. & F. Cadmus, manufacturers and dealers in boots, shoes, trunks and bags, No. 734 Market Street, south side, one door below 8th St. Philadelphia.

Charles Brintzinghoffer, wholesale and retail brush manufacturer, No. 935 Market Street, Philadelphia.

"Come, birdie, come, oh! Come with me." [graphic].

[African American man with a basket of produce and carrying a dead duck] [graphic].

[Strawbridge & Clothier trade cards]

Mirth! music! originality! The success of the season! "Jollities" [graphic].

Academy of Natural Sciences

William B. Dixey trade cards

[Sharpless & Sons trade cards]