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[Distant view of italianate tower of house, Audubon, N.J.]

[Distant view of large mansion overlooking the ocean, Sea Girt, N.J.]

Miller's house & trees surrounding, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Sarah & Rebecca Nicholsons from B[eulah] M. R[hoads]'s [graphic].

Miller's house from among woods along dam, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Residence of Joseph H. Shinn, Camden, N.J.

[Man at foot of steps, Sea Girt] [graphic].

[Residence], Down Rancocas, [NJ] [graphic].

Oglesby's house from E. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Oglesby's house from E. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Mrs. Oglesby's cottage from S.E. cor[ner], [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Oglesby's house Sea Girt, [NJ] [graphic].

[Two canoes on the river, Atsion River, New Jersey] [graphic].

Uncle Chas' [Rhoads] house, side view from gate, [Haddonfield, NJ] [graphic].

Robert Morris' house at Tilton's Corner, from across road, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Mr. Wilson's house at Como. [Spring Lake, NJ] [graphic].

Robert Morris' old house near Bailey's Corner, about 150 years old [graphic].

Robert Morris' house [near Bailey's Corner] [graphic].

Side view of Beulah M. Rhoads' home, Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

Miller's house and trees, surrounding. Sallie Emlen in foreground. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Sea Girt looking north from 3 story of the Beach House. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Mrs. Oglesby's house from our front porch, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

South side of Oglesby's house from on back porch, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Mrs. Oglesby's House], Sea Girt [graphic].

Mrs. Oglesby's Cottage Sea Girt, [NJ] [graphic].

[Residences and resorts along the shore at Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Views on the Estate of S.B. Waugh, Bordentown, N.J.

[Beulah Sansom Morris on a garden path], Haddonfield, [NJ] [graphic].

[Three people in front of a house], canoeing, Egg Harbor River, NJ [graphic].

Res. and grist mill of Anthony S. Morris

Bellevue from top of S. tower of [Navesink] lighthouse, [Sandy Hook, NJ] [graphic].

Cottage through pine trees at Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

Old still-house built by Eliz[abeth] Haddon. Mrs. Wood standing at door. [Haddonfield, NJ] [graphic].

Haddon house (Mr. & Mrs. Woods house), Haddonfield, [NJ], front view [graphic].

Uncle Chas. [Rhoads] house. Front view. Aunt D. & Ellie in porch. [Haddonfield, NJ] [graphic].

Row of workmen's houses, Allaire, N.J. [graphic].

[Row of workmen's houses, Allaire, N.J.] [graphic].

[Man on a bicycle], Sea Girt, NJ [graphic].

Deserted house at Atsion, N.J. [graphic].

Miller's house from road at overflow, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

Avenue of elms & workmen's houses at Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

[View ] thro pine trees at Allaire, [NJ], looking toward workman's houses [graphic].

Franklyn's Cottage at Elberon, where Pres. Garfield died. From the West, [Long Branch, NJ] [graphic].

Franklyn Cottage, from S.E., [Long Branch, NJ] [graphic].

Church & row of old houses. Allaire, [NJ] [graphic].

[Phoebe Wright's house under construction between Avocado and Oglesby's Cottage at Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Charles & Phoebe] Wright's house from the back by the stable. Men putting on shutters. [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Phoebe & Charles] Wright's stable from Mother's room porch, [Sea Girt, NJ] [graphic].

[Charles & Phoebe] Wright's new house from road in Park at Sea Girt near tennis court [graphic].

Hampton Place - Residence of Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott - Elizabethtown, N.J.