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4821 Main St.

Wagner House, 4840 Main St., built 1747, hospital in Battle of Germantown.

Henry House, 1760. 4908 Main St. In 1828 bought by John S. Henry father of Alex Henry thrice mayor of Phila.

Near Wakefield, Fisher's Lane.

[Unidentified residence, Philadelphia]

[West bank of the Schuylkill River from Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia]

[Mitchell House, southwest corner of Greene Street and Walnut Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia]

Broad St.

River Road at Fairmount Park. Phil. Pa.

Henry House postcards.

Morris-Littell House postcards.

Warner houses, 6021 & 6023 Main St.

Wakefield, home of Thos. & Sarah Fisher. Built about 1795.

Mehl House, 4817 Main St.

Jacob Knorr House, 1760, 6307 Main St.

White Cottage, Gtn., Philadelphia.

Home of Anthony Gilbert, "the Strong Blacksmith."

North side of Logan Square.

Livezey House, Gtn. From west bank of Wissahickon.

Built by Jos. Spencer 1746. N. side Old York Road opposite Church Lane. Sold to Dr. Benneville in 1758 & named Silver Farm.

Peter Robeson House in 1789. Ridge Road & mouth of the Wissahickon.

Old houses on the north side of Arch Street, west of Third and the new Hotel [graphic].

House n.w. corner of Prune and Fourth street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Old houses, from the southeast corner of Fourth and Union Street, to the northeast corner of Pine and Fourth Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Chestnut Street, between Tenth and Eleventh streets] [graphic]

922 Clinton St., Phila. [graphic].

Whitby Hall, 58th & Florence Ave. [graphic].

Morris House. [graphic].

Harriton, built in 1704 by Rowland Ellis. [graphic].

John & Mildred Keen house cor. of Chestnut & Mansion Sts. on site of present Drexel Institute. [graphic].

Morris House, door, 225 S. 8th St., blt. 1785. [graphic].

Whitby Hall, 58th & Florence Ave. [graphic].

Harriton, showing old pump. [graphic].

4825 Germantown Ave., home of Christian Ottinger, a soldier of the Pennsylvania Line in the Revolutionary War. [graphic].

House on Main St., Germantown. [graphic].

Northwest corner Fourth and Pine streets. [graphic]

[John H. Webster residence, 4834 Penn Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[John H. Webster residence, side view, 4834 Penn Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

6211 Main St.

6305 Main St.

Gowen House, S.E. cor. Main St. & Gowen Ave.

East side of Logan Square.

Residence of William P. M. Braun, Pelham, Germantown.

Engle House, Germantown. Built 1758.

Toland House, 4810 Main St., built abt. 1740. Home of Geo. Miller, an officer of Continental army.

Thos. Livezey House on Wissahickon.

Morris-Littel House, S. east cor. Main & High St.

Engle House, Main St. abv. Town Hall. Built 1758 by Benj. Engle. Stone in N. Gable B. E. 1758.

Butler Place. Branchtown.