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4821 Main St.

Wagner House, 4840 Main St., built 1747, hospital in Battle of Germantown.

Henry House, 1760. 4908 Main St. In 1828 bought by John S. Henry father of Alex Henry thrice mayor of Phila.

Near Wakefield, Fisher's Lane.

[Unidentified residence, Philadelphia]

[West bank of the Schuylkill River from Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia]

[Charles Taylor residence, northwest corner of Chestnut Hill and Norwood Avenues, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia]

[Mitchell House, southwest corner of Greene Street and Walnut Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia]

Broad St.

River Road at Fairmount Park. Phil. Pa.

Henry House postcards.

Morris-Littell House postcards.

Warner houses, 6021 & 6023 Main St.

Wakefield, home of Thos. & Sarah Fisher. Built about 1795.

Mehl House, 4817 Main St.

Jacob Knorr House, 1760, 6307 Main St.

White Cottage, Gtn., Philadelphia.

Home of Anthony Gilbert, "the Strong Blacksmith."

North side of Logan Square.

Livezey House, Gtn. From west bank of Wissahickon.

Built by Jos. Spencer 1746. N. side Old York Road opposite Church Lane. Sold to Dr. Benneville in 1758 & named Silver Farm.

Peter Robeson House in 1789. Ridge Road & mouth of the Wissahickon.

Old houses on the north side of Arch Street, west of Third and the new Hotel [graphic].

House n.w. corner of Prune and Fourth street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Bungalow-style residence near a row of hedges, unidentified location, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Odd house, 3803 Locust [Street] [graphic].

[Court on Carpenter Street, Philadelphia]. [graphic].

[Mediterranean-style residence with terra cotta roof, unidentified location, Philadelphia] [graphic].

A quiet and restful looking old home on Paul St. Frankford Phila[delphia] [graphic].

[Residence and garden at 42nd Street and Woodland Avenue, West Philadelphia] [graphic].

Odd house 33rd and Hamilton Sts. [graphic].

House 6th and Wharton Sts. [graphic].

Rear of houses on Paul and ___ Sts. Frankford, Phila[delphia] [graphic].

Old houses, from the southeast corner of Fourth and Union Street, to the northeast corner of Pine and Fourth Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Chestnut Street, between Tenth and Eleventh streets] [graphic]

Old House 58[th] and Chestnut Sts [graphic].

[Manayunk, Philadelphia, in winter] [graphic].

[House at Pine Street between 21st and 22nd streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Multi-storied, ivy-covered Philadelphia residence, unidentified location] [graphic].

[Exterior view of stone house in rural setting] [graphic].

Horace Binney, 241 - 245 South 4th St. [graphic] / B. R. Evans del.

922 Clinton St., Phila. [graphic].

Whitby Hall, 58th & Florence Ave. [graphic].

Morris House. [graphic].

Harriton, built in 1704 by Rowland Ellis. [graphic].

John & Mildred Keen house cor. of Chestnut & Mansion Sts. on site of present Drexel Institute. [graphic].

Morris House, door, 225 S. 8th St., blt. 1785. [graphic].

Whitby Hall, 58th & Florence Ave. [graphic].

Harriton, showing old pump. [graphic].

4825 Germantown Ave., home of Christian Ottinger, a soldier of the Pennsylvania Line in the Revolutionary War. [graphic].

House on Main St., Germantown. [graphic].

Northwest corner Fourth and Pine streets. [graphic]

[John H. Webster residence, 4834 Penn Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

[John H. Webster residence, side view, 4834 Penn Street, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

6211 Main St.

6305 Main St.

Gowen House, S.E. cor. Main St. & Gowen Ave.

East side of Logan Square.

Residence of William P. M. Braun, Pelham, Germantown.

Engle House, Germantown. Built 1758.

Toland House, 4810 Main St., built abt. 1740. Home of Geo. Miller, an officer of Continental army.

Thos. Livezey House on Wissahickon.

Morris-Littel House, S. east cor. Main & High St.

Engle House, Main St. abv. Town Hall. Built 1758 by Benj. Engle. Stone in N. Gable B. E. 1758.

Butler Place. Branchtown.

Edgar H. Butler's House, Main below High St. G'tn.

N. E. Main & Walnut Lane, built 1806 by Rev. Saml. Blair for his son S. Blair Jr.

[Unidentified residence and outbuildings]

John Bringhurst House, 1775-1795, 5219 Main St.

Harmer House. East bank of Schuylkill below Grays Ferry. Torn down for the B & O R.R.

Ottinger House. Built 1781. 4825 Main St. Christopher Ottinger was a soldier in the Penna. line.

Old House. Ridge Ave. above Falls of Schuylkill on property of Powers & Weightman.

Dr. Dunton's house, 25 E. High St. A Pastorius house. Formerly stood on Main St.

[Livezey House, on the banks of the Wissahickon Creek at Livezey Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia.]

House at foot of Neglee Hill just north of Loudoun. [graphic].

John Bechtel House, 5226 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

Old farm building on the Pastorius Estate, back of the n.e. cor. of the Methodist Church at corner of Germantown Ave. & High Street. [graphic].

Pastorius Estate. Building on the estate. [graphic].

5218 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

5222 Germantown Ave., Endt-Hansberry House. Theobald Endt, clockmaker owned it in 1766. [graphic].

N. W. cor. Germantown Ave. & Logan St. Probably the Wachsmuth-Henry House, built 1760. [graphic].

Ottinger House, Germantown, Philadelphia.

Marsden Gateway, Chestnut Hill, Phila.

Thones Kunder's House, Germantown, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, from Lapierre House (Girard College.)

Kohn's Mansion. Chestnut Street, west of Tenth St. North side. Late "Parkinson's Restaurant, confectionery, garden" &c. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

Philadelphia, from Lapierre House (Girard College.) [graphic] / Langenheim.

[Exterior of unidentified residence, possibly in Germantown] [graphic].

Philadelphia, from Lapierre House (Girard College.)

Tom Moore's Cottage near Belmont

[Neighborhood in Pelham] [graphic].

[View of houses in Pelham neighborhood] [graphic].

Old Johnson House, [Upsala], no. 5206 Main St., Germantown, corner of Washington Lane [graphic].

Old houses 4222 & 4224 Main St. At Wayne Junc[tion], [Germantown] [graphic].

Old Logan house, Negley's Hill, Main St. [Gemantown] [graphic].

Pelham homes near road and trees [graphic].

[View of Pelham neighborhood. Includes chicken coop in background] [graphic].

Old house of Norton Johnson's, [Upsala]. Main St. opp. Cliveden Av[enue], [Germantown] [graphic].

Old house on S. Broad Street above Passayunk R[oa]d, [Philadelphia] [graphic].

Unidentified building on Germantown Avenue [graphic].

Unidentified building on Germantown Avenue [graphic].

[Exterior of unidentified residence, possibly in Germantown] [graphic].

House c[o]r[ner] Main St. & School Lane, opp[osite] square [Germantown] [graphic].

Oldest house in Germantown. Cor[ner] Main & Johnson Sts. [graphic].

Old Sherrit house, Negleys Hill, [Germantown] [graphic].

Johnson House, [Upsala], Main opp. Washington Lane, [Germantown] [graphic].

Old Johnson House, [Upsala], opposite Chews, [Germantown] [graphic].

Windmill at Torresdale, Philadelphia.

Pine St. from 17th to 18th.

North side of Green St. east of 22nd, Philadelphia.

Old log cabin.

View at Germantown.

River Road at Fairmount Park.

Broad St. east side bel. Oxford St. Phila.

[Dwelling on west bank of Schuylkill River from Laurel Hill Cemetery]

Twin houses, Green St. Philadelphia.

Riverside Mansion, Ridge Road, Phil.

Old house on the southeast corner of Fifth and Spruce Street. [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

[Ruins of house in Manayunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Residence at Second and Wharton streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[House and court on Fourth Street above Arch Street, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

[Philadelphia residences, 315-317 22nd Street, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Three row houses in Irish neighborhood at 2nd and Noble Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Residence at West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Dilapidated, abandoned Philadelphia residence, unidentified location.] [graphic].

[Row houses, Cherry Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[St. Albans Place, between Fulton and Clymer, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Frame houses and an odd skyline at Thompson St. and Susquehanna Ave. -- Kensington, Phila. [graphic].

From Willings Alley to Spruce Street, east side of Fourth Street. [graphic] / B.R. Evans.

Tom Moore's Cottage. [graphic].

Tom Moore's Cottage, Fairmount Park, Phila. [graphic].

1815 Delancey Place, Philadelphia

[Family posed in front of clapboard house] [graphic]

[The Hamilton mansion, S.E. corner of Seventh and Carpenter, now Jayne St., taken down this spring.] [graphic].

[Rectory of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, Wissahickon, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Riverside Mansion, formerly Milverton.

Loudoun, built 1801 by Thos. Armat for his son.

Doorway, N. E. Walnut Lane & Main St.

Morris-Littel House, Main & High St.

5112-14 Main St.

Old houses, N. side of Locust near 5th St.

5845 Main St. Standing at time of Revolution.

Moore Institute of Art, Science and Industry.

Jaques Marie Roset House, Germantown, Philadelphia.

Old building, Fisher's Hollow, used as a powder mill during Revolution.

5112-5114 Main St.

Parsonage of St. Stephens Church, 5213 Main St.

Main St. above Upsal, S.W. side.

Tom Moore's Cottage postcards.

[Woodward Estate gate, Cresheim Valley, Philadelphia.]

Old house [Negley house at Wayne Junction, Philadelphia] farther from R[ail]R[oad] than last house [graphic].

Cottage & race on the valley above Wakefield place, [Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Old house, Little Wakefield. Mrs. Carpenter's place. [Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

The old Wakefield house, [Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

Loudoun, 4650 Germantown Ave. [graphic].

5267 [sic] Germantown Ave. I have no record of when it was built. Anthony Gilbert, a blacksmith, renowned for his strength, lived there in 1809. It is next door above "Grumblethorp." [graphic].

Loudoun, 4650 Germantown Ave., built by Thos. Armat. occupied in 1920 by Mr. Albanus Chas. Logan & Miss Maria D. Logan. [graphic].

Office and residence of Geo. L. Maitland, piano tuner, 4806 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia.

[T.S.R. Fassitt residence, s.e. corner 17th & Locust streets, Philadelphia]

Rear of J. Harrison Jr. residence - 18th below Walnut.

[Joseph B. Cowperthwait's residence, 31 Summit Street, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia]

Conyngham-Hacker House, 5214 Main St.

Knorr house, N.W. Main St. & Walnut Lane, from pencil sketch on a visiting card, made in 1862.

Keyser House, 6316 Main St., subsequently owned by Elwood Johnson.

Birthplace of David Rittenhouse, born 1732. On Lincoln Drive, Germantown.

Neglee House, 4518-20 Main St., built before 1750.

Lemon Hill mansion.

[Lemon Hill mansion,] Fairmount Park, Phila.

Lemon Hill mansion.

Rockland Mansion.

Mansion at Fairmount Park.

Lemon Hill mansion park.

Lemon Hill.

Billmyer House postcards.

Old Monastery, Wissahickon, Philadelphia.

On Schuylkill Riv. Philada. Pa.

Blair House, Main & Walnut Ln. Built 1775 by Dr. Wm. Shippen, occupied also by his son in law. Rev. Saml. Blair afterward President of Princeton University.

David Rittenhouse House postcards.

Very old house, date unknown. Was used as home of sexton of St. Michaels Lutheran Church. 6669 Main St.

5450 Main St. Built 1790. Home of Thos. Armat.

Carpenter's mansion.

Near east park, Phila. [graphic] / A. Kollner, fect.

[Row houses, Philadelphia] [graphic].

Rittenhouse Mansion. Northwest corner of Arch and Seventh Street. Sometimes called "fort Rittenhouse" [graphic] / Photograph by Richards.

The Willing Mansion. Corner s.w. Willings Alley and Third Street. [graphic] / Photogrh. F.D.B. Richards.

The Penington mansion. On the northwest corner of Race and Crown Street. [graphic]

Michael Billmeyer's house and printing office - his bookstore was in portion of the house nearest the eye - it was the next "place" above Chews place. [graphic] : Mr. Watson writes "It is a good one [to be photographed]." At its south end Genl. Washington

[DeLancey Street, north side, between 19th & 20th Streets, Philadelphia.] [graphic].

A pair of London residences - as seen at 21[st] and Locust sts. Phila [graphic].

[Philadelphia residence -- unidentified location] [graphic].

[Schuylkill River and houses atop hill in Manyaunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Colonial-era Philadelphia residences] [graphic].

[Unidentified residences in Manayunk, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[View of rooftop chicken coop at 10th and Ellsworth Streets, Philadelphia] [graphic].

[Residence of John McAllister Jr., 14 N. Merrick Street, West Penn Square, Philadelphia, Pa.] [graphic].

John Bartram's House, side view. [graphic].

Krider's gun store, N.E. cor. 2nd & Walnut Sts. [graphic].