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Union and Liberty [graphic] / H. Whateley; [T. Sinclair's Lith. Phila.]

ASSU Illustration 7893

ASSU Illustration 8498

ASSU Illustration 3388

ASSU Illustration 3265

[Textile label depicting the American eagle]


Reward of merit

J. Russell & Co. Green River Works, MS. Established 1834.

[Slave and bald eagle in front of Capitol] [graphic].

"Old Abe", Wisconsin Eagle.

Standard Drop Shot bag.

[Specimen sheet for Theodore Leonhardt & Son, Commercial Lithographers 922 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA.]

Hurrah! for Thayer's Printing House, 805 Sansom Street, above 8th, Philada.

Wallace & Sons, manufacturers of the eagle pin, superior to all others in quality and finish.

[Centennial Memorial]

Variation "Old Abe", Wisconsin Eagle

Eagle with shield woodcut

Eagle with flag and banner woodcut

Eagle with blank banner on horn woodcut

Eagle with "E pluribus unum" banner woodcut

Eagle with flag woodcut

Eagle on drum with flags woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut

Eagle wearing chain with shield woodcut

Eagle with banner woodcut

Eagle on shield woodcut

Samuel Hart & Co. Philadelphia and New York.

Jackson's old United States bounty land and pension office. E.O. Jackson, attorney-at-law and pension agent, No. 138 South Third Street, above Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Business stationery of Nichols & Harris, wholesale and retail druggists, New London, Ct.]

["Old Abe," Wisconsin eagle, 1876]

United States Express Company, principal office, 82 Broadway, branch offices, 291 (corner Reade) and 416 Broadway. New York.

[Craftsman posed with light standard for second floor balcony of Rotunda] [graphic].

[Detail of bronze grille with eagle for Pennsylvania State Capitol building] [graphic].

Wagner & McGuigan's lithographic & steam power printing establishment Athenian Building, Franklin Place.

Specimen of chromo-lith. from P.S. Duval & Co.'s lithographic establishment, drawing on stone plain & color printing, Ranstead Place, west from 26 South 4th Street, Phila.

Chromo lithography,

Eagle house

The Natatorium and Physical Institute [stock certificate]

Adams & Co.'s American Express

Hoffy's lithographic & painting establishment. 88 Walnut St. Philadelphia.

E. Ketterlinus' steam power lithographic and letter press printing house cor. of Arch & Fourth Sts. Philadelphia.

ASSU Illustration 7796

Bruce's New-York Type-foundry, 13 Chambers st., New York [specimen sheet]

Bruce's New-York Type-foundry, 13 Chambers st., New York [specimen sheet]

[Marble carver in workshop sculpting an eagle for entresol floor of the Pennsylvania capitol building.] [graphic].

[Marble carver in workshop sculpting eagles for the Pennsylvania capitol building.] [graphic].

Stephens' album drolleries no. 1. [graphic] : Our relations at home and abroad / In oil colors from original designs by H. L. Stephens.

[Brownings trade cards]