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Union and Liberty [graphic] / H. Whateley; [T. Sinclair's Lith. Phila.]

ASSU Illustration 7893

ASSU Illustration 8498

ASSU Illustration 3388

ASSU Illustration 3265

Reward of merit

[Textile label depicting the American eagle]


[Slave and bald eagle in front of Capitol] [graphic].

J. Russell & Co. Green River Works, MS. Established 1834.

"Old Abe", Wisconsin Eagle.

[Specimen sheet for Theodore Leonhardt & Son, Commercial Lithographers 922 Locust Street Philadelphia, PA.]

[Centennial Memorial]

Hurrah! for Thayer's Printing House, 805 Sansom Street, above 8th, Philada.

Standard Drop Shot bag.

Wallace & Sons, manufacturers of the eagle pin, superior to all others in quality and finish.

Variation "Old Abe", Wisconsin Eagle

["Old Abe," Wisconsin eagle, 1876]

Eagle house

Wagner & McGuigan's lithographic & steam power printing establishment Athenian Building, Franklin Place.

Chromo lithography,

Specimen of chromo-lith. from P.S. Duval & Co.'s lithographic establishment, drawing on stone plain & color printing, Ranstead Place, west from 26 South 4th Street, Phila.

[Craftsman posed with light standard for second floor balcony of Rotunda] [graphic].

[Detail of bronze grille with eagle for Pennsylvania State Capitol building] [graphic].

Eagle with shield woodcut

Eagle with flag and banner woodcut

Eagle with flag woodcut

Eagle on shield with banner woodcut

Eagle with banner woodcut

Eagle on shield woodcut

[Business stationery of Nichols & Harris, wholesale and retail druggists, New London, Ct.]

Adams & Co.'s American Express

The Natatorium and Physical Institute [stock certificate]

Jackson's old United States bounty land and pension office. E.O. Jackson, attorney-at-law and pension agent, No. 138 South Third Street, above Walnut, Philadelphia, Pa.

E. Ketterlinus' steam power lithographic and letter press printing house cor. of Arch & Fourth Sts. Philadelphia.

United States Express Company, principal office, 82 Broadway, branch offices, 291 (corner Reade) and 416 Broadway. New York.

Samuel Hart & Co. Philadelphia and New York.

ASSU Illustration 7796

Bruce's New-York Type-foundry, 13 Chambers st., New York [specimen sheet]

[E. & H.T. Anthony trade cards]

[Marble carver in workshop sculpting an eagle for entresol floor of the Pennsylvania capitol building.] [graphic].

[Marble carver in workshop sculpting eagles for the Pennsylvania capitol building.] [graphic].

Bruce's New-York Type-foundry, 13 Chambers st., New York [specimen sheet]

[Brownings trade cards]