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Mae. [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

Mae. [graphic] / R.S. Redfield.

The straggler's last "sup." [graphic].

[Men drawing water from Wissahickon Creek.]

[Unknown group eating watermelon.]

Home on sick leave. [graphic] / Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

Five men, one drinking out of a flask, sitting on a doorstep, Philadelphia.

Two workmen sitting on a stoop, one drinking out of a beer bottle, Philadelphia.

Home "on sick leave" [graphic] / . Edw. F. Mullen N.Y.

[Catharine Rupp Doering drinking from fountain along the Wissahickon Creek.]

Pope's rifle air pistol gallery, 41st Street, opp. Poplar, Centennial grounds, 40 ranges, 10 shots, 10 cts.

Corn-time. / Past-time.

"One flag. One country. Zwei lager." [graphic] : Gurney & Son, photo. N.Y.

Group of young men and women sitting on a loading dock or wharf, drinking, Philadelphia.

Midsummer dinner [graphic] / F. A. Nowell, No. 263 King Street, Charleston, S.C.; E. Perry, print.

[Bicycling trip, man drinking from fountain, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.]

The little pilferers.

"The Palace," 323 Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Next door to "Fidelity." Imported & domestic segars, meerschaum goods and smokers' articles.

City wharf scene. [graphic] / From life by A. Kollner.

Vell here is to mine healt, long may I live and prosper!

H.O. Wilbur & Sons, chocolate & cocoa manufacturers, Philadelphia, Pa.

[Duesseldorfer "Progress Brand," Indianapolis Brewing Co. trade card]

Two men and three women picnicing in wooded area, Philadelphia.

Henry C. Blair's Sons, apothecaries, [8th and Walnut Sts.], Philadelphia.

An absorbing subject. [graphic].

Two boys strolling past temptation

[Bicycling trip, William Doering drinking from fountain, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia.]

Maillard's chocolate.

[Tarrant & Co.'s Seltzer Aperient trade cards]

[Julius Sichel trade cards]

[Prodigal Son series, 1775] [graphic] / ches Haid.

Try Atmore's mince meat and genuine English plum pudding [graphic].

Who's dar? [graphic].

"Dem brats done gone and stole dat melon." [graphic].

Junger Maennerchor, Philadelphia, 1868 [graphic] / Del. & lith. by Ch. P. & A.J. Tholey, No. 119 Green St.

Customer. "Rather cool weather Pete, for a close crop like that." Pete. "Can't help it Boss---the proprietor says long hairs gits in de wittles." [graphic].

[Frederick A. Rex & Co. trade cards]

Atmore's mince meat and genuine English plum pudding.

Franks Dining Room, for ladies and gents, open day and night, 216 N. Ninth St., Phila. [graphic].

The life & age of man. Stages of man's life from the cradle to the grave. [graphic].

Burholme Park outing. "Ice Cream."

Burholme Park outing. "Ice Cream."

Two souls with but a single thought.

[Picnic on the Wilson Estate]

Clam bake at 12 m. 4-6:30 p.m. Melville Garden, Downer Landing...Boston Harbor, Open every day except Monday. One of the finest harbor resorts in New England. [graphic].

United we stand. Divided we fall [graphic].

Who's dar? [graphic].

Gately & Britton, (limited,) largest installment house in Reading, no. 940 Penn Street [graphic].

Muzzy's corn starch [graphic].

Muzzy's corn starch [graphic].