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First meeting of Uncle Tom and Eva.

Uncle Tom and Little Eva.

John Bull makes a discovery. [graphic]

Diorama - Washington at Yorktown

Album [graphic].

Scenes from Uncle Tom's Cabin. No. 1

The triumph. [graphic]

Journey of a slave from plantation to the battlefield. [graphic].

Proclamation of Emancipation. By the President of the United States of America

All slaves were made freemen. By Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States, January 1st, 1863. Come, then, able-bodied colored men, to the nearest United States camp, and fight for the stars and stripes. [graphic].

In commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of American independence

The Washington family.

Washington birthday greetings [graphic].

The rail candidate. [graphic]

"The nigger" in the woodpile. [graphic]

The slavery question: Great prize-fight of the American eagle against the wolf and alligator. [graphic] / WA.

The Clay compromise - a settler. [graphic]

Reading the Emancipation Proclamation



The house that Jeff built. [graphic]

The resurrection of Henry Box Brown at Philadelphia [graphic] : Who escaped from Richmond Va. in a box 3 feet long 2 1/2 ft. deep and 2ft. wide. / Kramer, del.

Cartes de visite reproductions of Civil War era sketches by H.C. Bispham

"No higher law." [graphic] /

Handicap race presidential stakes 1844. [graphic] /. EWC.

Practical illustration of the fugitive slave law. [graphic] /. EC, del.

A grand slave hunt, or trial of speed for the presidency, between celebrated nags Black Dan, Lewis Cass, and Haynau. [graphic] /. T.C., del.

The great presidential race of 1856. [graphic]

The Democratic platform [graphic]

[Thomas Richardson and American Bank Note Company scrapbook]

Afro-American historical family record